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Friday, August 28, 2009

Miles Says: (RE: LG15 and OpAphid Reunited!)

Thanks everyone, yeah we are really excited about this. To clarify, this DOES NOT mean that Redearth88 is canon. Even though it featured some characters from OpAphid, it’s a completely separate series. As of now there is no new OpAphid show planned, but that certainly would be cool! We’re excited to see what you guys come up with!



  1. Yeah but by extension...

    Oh forget it.

  2. This is a clusterfuck.

  3. miles is excited about wat?
    its hardly news. we always now tachyon, brother and opaphid were canon to lg15.
    nothing to get excited over

  4. This certainly helps clarify things within the historical context of OpAphid in relationship to the LG15 Universe (for LGpedia etc.). However in terms of how this works within TSIY there are still a lot of open questions.

    Hopefully when TSIY-2 is announced the c will make it clear that they have heard all the community concerns regarding both the contest and the show. They also need to make it explicitly clear how OpAphid etc can be used within the context of TSIY or else it could lead to a great deal of confusion.


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