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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

ORIGINS - 6' CHAPTER 1 - everyonesconnectedtv

Everyone is connected. Everyone is connected. http://dharmarhodeuniverse.ning.com/


  1. Interesting tags on this video...
    Did you change your mind about adult content ModelMotion?

  2. The tags seem like words selected to market the video. Do you see any adult content in the video?

    Besides the complaints about adult content were on Level 26 about the site administration/Eqal, Inc. not responding to complaints about links to nude/adult content. No one has complained here.

    Eqal, Inc. has an explicit policy that prohibits nude images. We have one simple rule: "Do no harm". That said this sort of marketing for videos does not exactly help the image of the genre and makes it harder for others to be taken credibly. It also takes up valuable time dealing with comments like this.

    We did think twice about posting this video because of the tags but we have to balance that against the need to support community members trying to launch a series. On this one we do not see a need to add a warning but if our readers want it then we will do it.

  3. ummm.... wtf... "Everyone is connected" seems a whole lot like "It's all connected" to me... then again I might be biased.

  4. Wow, that is rather a striking resemblance to the "It's all connected" slogan of the Coalition.

    Also, tags are not adult content. If you click one of them you might see something inappropriate at YouTube, but they do have a system in place to report that. Modelmotion has no control over that.

    Phail anontroll is phail.

  5. Everyone might be connected, but this video series is not connected with the Coalition. :)


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