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Friday, August 7, 2009

The Web Files at the ITV Festival

The Web files is a new online show that launched last month with weekly episodes featuring behind the scenes interviews and features with web series cast and creators. The show is hosted by Kristyn Burtt, who in addition to looking fetching in a fedora was the co-host of The Arena on MSNBC with Jessie Ventura.

The most recent episode, episode 5, covers the red carpet opening of the Independent Television Festival, which took place this week in Los Angeles. Kristyn Burtt interviews several familiar faces including the ubiquitous Felicia Day and the cast and crew of OzGirl. Furthermore, the Web files did an extended interview with team OzGirl, which will be featured in an upcoming episode.


  1. i think this host auditioned for rocketboom.

  2. They should get “Squeaky” Fromme for Rocketboom....

  3. Yes, she did. I was going to link to her profile on the contest page; however, rocketboom has taken them all down. Nevertheless, her show reel is still listed as a video response to the contest.

  4. Hey Everyone,
    Thanks for your kind comments. We are having a blast doing The Web Files. We cannot wait to show you the Oz Girl episode. They are young, fun, and talented.
    I did audition for Rocketboom, but I have a newer host reel here: http://bit.ly/hvyc6
    As for the hat, Indy geeks will love that it is made by the original hat designer from the first Indiana Jones movie. We are big fans in my house!
    Thanks for writing about us, Mathieas!
    Best Wishes,

  5. Hey, Kristyn thanks for stopping by are little corner of the web.


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