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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Where's TSIY 2.0 announcement? How can it be better?

From Anchor Cove: posted by immortal1

Is we on or is we aint?

The big question in my mind still is why would legitimate content creators put time, energy and expense into TSIY when you can do your own thing?

I kind of find it interesting to compare and contrast OzGirl and the Last. Obvious reasons aside there are some good parallels. The big difference being the Last had the EQAL machine behind them.

I'd love to hear from some folks from the Last about what they would change from the winner's perspective. I wondered if the team from OzGirl ever considered doing TSIY1?

I think TSIY2 needs 3 big improvements:
1) What good is being made canon if there is no integration? There needs to be a tie in to the core story.
2) You have to make some core actors available which facilitates 1) and obviously is a draw for viewers.
3) Trash that LG15 YouTube acct. Use that main acct. with the 130,000 subs.

ETA: It's been brought to my attention maybe this is a contest meant more for fans than content creators. Which is a fair point. I would think though that since TSIY is the only thing carrying the banner for the franchise it needs to be of a certain quality no matter who wins.

Discussion on Anchor Cove: http://forum.anchorcove.net/viewtopic.php?f=63&t=2387 <== Express YOUR opinion!!!


  1. I completely agree. I wish that The Last had been as strong as the rest of the series; I understand that they won a contest, but this was not on the level of other productions, even with EQAL backing them. And frankly, I still want to know what happens after Resistance, but I guess we won't find out--maybe it's up to us to use our imaginations.

  2. What backing did they really get from Eqal? They received the $2500, but Eqal has done none of the promotion that it seemed like they would do. I understand they are a business and have other ventures, but they overwhelmed us with so much crap about their other ventures and neglected the winner of the contest. The Last had a far more congruent story than TR and just made significantly more sense.

  3. I think you're making the same mistake that the original winners of TSIY made. And I honestly don't understand where they or you came up with this.

  4. I would love to hear the explanation of how The Last is somehow weaker than the cobweb of plotholes and "twist" repetitions that was The Resistance.

    As for where the TSIY2 announcement is...
    "Either way we will be re-launching LG15.com on the new software to coincide with a new season of TSIY sometime in August/September." <-- Greg.


    Now use your knowledge of how much they screwed up the schedule of the first deployment of the software, or how they needed days, if not weeks to "schedule" The Last's finale, the three weeks they needed to restart lonelygirl15's database server, or the 162 days they've been working on fixing the header link so far, and ask yourself: How likely is it TSIY2 is gonna happen this year?
    Especially with The Last apparently having more to show?

    Maybe we'll get it for the one-year-anniversary of TSIY. Maybe. The more projects EQAL takes on, the more likely it is TSIY is going the way of The Resistance.

    And I believe the question of why content creators would choose TSIY over their own thing becomes even bigger if you directly relate it to TSIY1: Who in their right mind would take part in TSIY2 at all, having seen the horrible neglect The Last had to endure?

    Unrelated funny piece I just discovered: The original rules to TSIY state: "[...] EQAL [...] may consult with you [...] to ensure that your story is [...] uploaded in a timely manner for the benefit of the community"
    Was there a single occasion in which EQAL's forced scheduling was for our benefit? XD

  5. Frankly, I wish that EQAL would just have the balls to come out and tell us the the Resistance is never coming back. I really wish they could have wrapped things up, they really left us hanging, but it's become apparent now that they're really never going to finish what they started. It's a shame too, because we're the community that made their company profitable... and one would think that they would still have some loyalty towards us, but apparently not.
    Maddison Atkins is a much more involved show anyways, and I'm happy to see how well that's been doing. Hopefully the internet will give us more lovable characters and engaging plots (more ARGS preferably) because I really did enjoy LG15 while it lasted.
    Best of luck to whomever decides to enter the new TSIY whenever that happens (if ever)!

  6. Malapralaya, they did. "No new original content not associated with a preexisting brand that will pay us money to make their show (blah blah)" (not an exact quote lol) was pretty much saying just that.

  7. The important thing is that we as a community do not make the same mistakes again with TSIY-2 if an when it comes. We need to have a much better understanding up front of what Eqal is prepared to bring to the table. We totally respect their right to act like a company but we also have the right to band together and make our expectations of them clear. That is what "stakeholders" do.

    The real question is: what are our expectations of Eqal for TSIY-2. What do we want them to do? For example a commitment to provide TSIY-2 with embeds on the lonelygirl15 youtube page would be a good start. In terms of how they handle the press that is probably more difficult for them to promise but they could at least indicate they are prepare to make an effort.

    We could probably compile a list of things that TSIY-2 needs and submit it to Eqal before the contest. Then based on their response we would know where we stand (maybe).

  8. One of the concerns in TSIY-1 was the question of an "even playing field". That is a hard one to deal with but we might be able to come up with some suggestions that would help. For example any "character" who wanted to be considered for a "role" could sign up on a list and be available to all creators. The creators would then have contact info etc in order to evaluate how they might work that character into their pilot/script based on the level of participation the actor was willing to offer.

    That is just a random suggestion and it can probably be improved, but it gives you an idea of things that could be considered/discussed before the contest begins.

    Of course some pple may thing that unfairly affects them..... so as with everything it is a two edged sword. The important thing is for us to think about and discuss these issues in the open.

  9. I think the misfits were a great idea. If EQAL would have given them money, I'm pretty sure it would be a big hit. It has a lot of the main LG15 characters, which most people would enjoy.


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