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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

EQAL at NYTVF (with Greg Goodfried and Miles Beckett)


From wrighteous1 :

Original idea behind LG15 included an indie movie where Youtubers attempt to save LG15. -- Crazy, weird.

"Lonely Girl is not the most profitable thing we've done..." hahahaha

"We're still in a period of time where people are trying to figure out what formats work on the web" - EQAL

"People are spending tons of money on micropayments ... [facebook, zynga, etc]"

"Kids see it as an entertainment property they love, they don't care the format--they'll buy the itunes, they'll..." EQAL

"I really believed in the product...yes, I love Paula Deen" EQAL

EQAL makes a good point about being behind and loving what you are working on. This is how you get audience and sell to brands.

"I was a lawyer, he was a doctor...yeah we had no clue about anything about this at the time" EQAL

"Coming both with Production and Technology[their SocialPlatform] gives us an edge." EQAL

Go to EQAL.com to sign up for the private beta of Umbrella -- their Social Pub platform -- "tumblr meets ning"

"[EQAL wi]ll be actively scouring other umbrella sites to partner up with ... we'll deal with advertisers..." Very cool + Scalable

Price Point for Umbrella: estimated cost for content creators ~$20-$30/month maybe $50/month depending on the extra features.

"we'll be working with other media providers, blip.tv, youtube, [etc.] ... we don't do any hosting on our site"




1 comment:

  1. heard the music guy over there has good taste. ;)

    hey gang, just wanted to check in.


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