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Friday, September 4, 2009

Jackson Davis LIVES!!! (ETA: But the War Continues)

After a ridiculously extensive deletion battle at Wikipedia, mostly caused by a sole editor who must still be upset that Bree was fake, the page on Jackson Davis has been SAVED! And with a warning to those who want to take down the Resistance in the future: "Advise that it should be a lengthy time before a 4th AfD is even considered."


Both Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfried have noticed and thanked us for our tireless efforts. Congrats to all who took on this job!

From this experience, I became aware of a group of Wikipedians who fight against the evil deletionist tendencies of Wikipedia, known as the Article Rescue Squadron. It's worth checking out if you feel like getting involved on Wikipedia. Especially when it comes time to create and defend a wikipedia page for Pharma Guy! Proof. Of notability .... is EVERYWHERE!

ETA 12:51pm PDT: Well, the war is not over apparently. The same wiki editor has now nominated Mesh Flinders for deletion. Please weigh in on that if you choose. I personally believe it does meet the requirements for notability. Now, although Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfried's articles were deleted in March 2008, that was before a lot of other notable events, including the founding of EQAL, release of Lg15:The Resistance, Harper's Globe, Paula Deen, Umbrella, etc. I believe both should merit an article now, as would EQAL. I encourage anyone who wants to start those articles to do so--LGPedia would be a good start -- don't wholesale copy, just reword, paraphrase, etc., and dig up citations whenever you can to ward off the Deletionists. -- cheers, milo


  1. Article Rescue Squadron FTW!!!

    ...and thanks to Miles and Greg. We can use all the support we can get with this stuff.

    ...also thanks to those who took the time to study Wikipedia policies in depth and help turn the tide in this seemingly endless struggle.....it probably will not be the last so that knowledge base will come in very useful.

  2. Wow. That is some article. Makes me wonder about all the other deletions that have occurred there if this person is so intent on wiping out wiki-histories? Is there a better source out there or upcoming?

  3. Now all we need is a video of milo standing in front of an overly large American flag. IT is nice to know that when necessary we can still kick ass, granted in this case it was probably a 12 year old when gets his head dunked in the toilet on a regular basis; however, that should not in any way cheapen the victory.

  4. looks like otterathome has been reading lg15today:


    here we go again.

  5. here is what otter is probably going to say: he will say that neither miles and greg have their own pages ,so why should mesh.

    1. mesh is also notable for winning the 2004 Panavision Young Writers Award, among other things he has written and done.

    2 miles and greg probably deserve their own pages as well. although they had pages before that were deleted, this was before EQAL was founded, and EQAL has notability separate from lonelygirl15, e.g., harper's globe, paula deen, umbrella - have all gotten press separate from lonelygirl15. i'm not sure whether its better to have a page for EQAL or individual pages for miles and greg, but the "rules" as they are definitely would support some or all of that.

  6. At least Otter has not found the 436 yet.......

  7. I think Otterathome is just mad that Jonas has a page and he doesn't.


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