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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The 436 takes down Alicia Silverstone on the Craig Ferguson show

Those watching Alicia Silverstone on the Craig Ferguson show were witness to the awesome power of the 436. Towards the end on her interview the set turned to darkness. Clearly the 436 will not be stopped!!!



Los Angeles blackout leaves Craig Ferguson in the dark

Craig was interviewing actress, Alicia Silverstone, when the lights started to dim a bit, finally going completely dark. Ferguson and the actress were not sure what was happening at first.



  1. And she was just about to give a shout out to her Umbrella site too...

  2. It has crossed over to late night TV. No one is safe now.

  3. :):):)

    The 436..... coming to a movie theatre near you... very very very soon.

  4. I always assumed Cloverfield was 436: The Movie.


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