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Friday, October 16, 2009

Entries for LG15: The Show Is Yours - What do YOU think???

The deadline is past for TSIY-2 and we have quite a few entries. This is an unofficial list and it is still possible that other entries will emerge. However we want to know what do you think about the entries. What appeals to you? What will play best in the community. Who has the best story as far as we can tell from the pilot. What show looks the most exciting and interactive. Leave a comment below with YOUR opinion.

LG15: The Order - Pilot - All the World Will Know - theorderendsnow

LG15: The Rising Pilot Presentation - The Call of the Phoenix - PeterWDawson

LG15: Outbreak - TSIY2 Pilot Presentation - masonishappy

LG15:Everlasting TSIY 2 pilot - lonefox101

TSIY entry: PregnantGirl18 - CampBreezyBeach

LG15: The Order Files (Series Preview + Pilot Episode) [TSIY 2 Re-Entry] - stretchandmayonaise

LG15CollegeDays - TSIY Pilot - LG15collegedays

(we will add any new entries to this list and discussion thread if we find them)

More news about: LG15:TSIY

Blogspot portal page for LG15:TSIY-2


  1. == LG15: The Order ==
    Do I really need to lose a word about this one?
    After plagiarism, evidence destruction, relentless annoyance, endless sockpuppeteering and attempts to badmouth the competition in chat, it's a shame this entry is even being considered.
    Add to that that Jeremy is only 15, and well - if this one wins, TSIY2 will be different, to say the least.

    == LG15: The Rising ==
    #Pro: Definitely LG15-centric, funny, different angle/take on the franchise
    #Contra: Low production value, different angle/take on the franchise

    Personally, I do think the production value will rise significantly if Peter gets the $5000, and I don't mind the different point of view, but tastes in that regard differ.
    The Rising is my personal favorite out of the field.

    == LG15: Outbreak ==
    #Pro: Very high editing quality, supposedly successful previous series.
    #Contra: Trailer is so empty and plotless that an unending stream of remixes shows it works for anything; no visible connection to LG15 other than the name; depending on the way it would be made, previous series might be required viewing to fully grasp what's going on.

    == LG15: Everlasting ==
    #Pro: Definitely LG15-centric, funny, different angle/take on the franchise
    #Contra: Kinda campy, different angle/take on the franchise

    Personally, I didn't mind the camp-factor too much, once you just go with it, it has sort of a B-movie charm. It definitely looks amusing. But as with The Rising, tastes differ, and I can see how some people would prefer something more serious, more professional.

    == PregnantGirl18 ==
    #Pro: Standard LG15 formula, but altered with a Jesus-angle.
    #Contra: The Jesus-angle, not really a Bree-replacement.

    This series might just find the right mix between old and new to be entertaining but not alienating. Personally, I'm not a fan of the "omg I'm a virgin but getting a child" thing, but I guess it depends on how it's written.
    The main issue I'm having is with the main character. With Bree, there was a definite clash of her own innocence and naivety with the harsh reality of being hunted by an evil cult (and "real life" in general).
    Same with all of EQAL's replacement-Brees - Taylor: Nerdy, sure, but innocent, especially compared to her sister. Same with sheltered little Emma, and über-sheltered Gina.

    PG18's main character, on the other hand, simply doesn't come off as innocent to me.
    Simple example: Bree could barely talk about getting kissed back in the day, making a huge fuzz about it and being all embarrassed; this chick tells us about the state of her hymen before the series even starts...

    The production value looks high enough, and the creator has some experience, so it'd probably not be entirely horrible. I'm just, personally, absolutely not convinced of the story.

    [continued below...]

  2. Well, The Last certainly scared a lot of entries away. That had some of the best production values seen in a while.

  3. [continued]

    == LG15: The Order Files ==
    #Pro: Standard LG15 formula, high amount of interactivity
    #Contra: Danger of an "uncanny valley" kind of effect

    This entry definitely has the highest "Bree-factor" of the field, and probably the highest chances of giving viewers that "old school" feeling. The problems I'm seeing are two:
    1. She's not Jessica Rose. It's impossible to replace Bree. So if the producers try to make the main character like Bree, she will come off as a bad clone, a wannabe. There's a fine line between invoking nostalgic feelings with a new, individual character, and just having a bad copy. Whether they can pull it off depends on the writing team. If they can, this could be a series even oldbies can enjoy.
    2. How much interactivity is possible at all. I've touched upon this in the past - with content having to be entered a week in advance, video replies to the community are practically dead. (At least Greg was unwilling to state they aren't.)
    A live event would certainly be entertaining to those who can attend, though, again, we'll have to see what EQAL says about it.

    In addition, I'm curious how much of this series is filmed already. The pilot seemed to take parts from all over the plot (which was kind of spoilerific), which kind of gave the impression it was all done already. If so, with this being a re-entry, The Last would practically not exist in this series' continuity. That would be sad. On the other hand, it's entirely possible they just filmed specific scenes from all over the treatment to cut a trailer.
    We'll have to see.

    I believe this series has the highest chances of appealing to the original fans who ended up here because of Bree, if they can write the character to not look like a cheap Bree clone, but like a Bree-like individual.

    == LG15CollegeDays ==
    I described this pilot in chat as
    "<Renegade15> I see the merits of LGCollegeDays's approach, but...it does nothing for me
    <Renegade15> it's a perfectly reasonable pilot, but...no personal interest sparked"
    Basically, when I first saw the dude, I was thinking something along the lines of "wth? StonerDude15?". I see nothing really bad about this pilot, the quality was well enough, the approach of looking more through the Daniel-type than the Bree-type should work just fine, it just didn't spark my personal interest at all.

    I'd have to see the first few episodes to decide whether to follow it or not.

    So yeah...that's my take on the currently known field of contestants ^^
    Absolutely my own, personal opinion, but I'm curious to see what others think.

    Summary: I'm rooting for Rising, I'd watch Everlasting, PG18 and Order Files if they won, and I'd have to check out a few episodes of Outbreak and CollegeDays before deciding.

    Don't you mean "The Last had one of the best TSIY entries of all time!!! One of the best TSIY entries OF ALL TIME!!"? ;)

  4. After watching them all, I'd get the most enjoyment from watching outbreak.

  5. LG15: The Order - The whole Jeremyssmart debacle has pretty much doomed this one...and since it's not even eligible to win because of age requirements, I'm not gonna bother.

    LG15: The Rising
    *Pros: Funny In Parts

    *Cons: Pretty Low Production Value, Acting Not So Great, Editing Not So Great

    LG15: Outbreak
    *Pros: A Mason Entry Showing a lot of Promise, Highest Production Value, Best Visual Effects, Best Editing, Created by what looks like a winning Studio, Biggest Community Discussion/Interaction Fuel.

    *Cons: Lack of public idea of the plot, Might not live up to the massive hype, May cause seizures

    *Pros: Like Mason, Lonefox is a longtime UGC character, Interesting storyline, Pilot shows promise.

    *Cons: Not the best production value, still doesn't 'feel' like LG15 to me. Seems to take itself too seriously.

    *Pros: Funny, Creative

    *Cons: Seems like more CampBreezy than LG15, probably doesn't take itself too seriously enough, storyline is just...different.

    LG15: The Order Files
    *Pros: Solid Entry From Last Year, Female Character seems like a decent actor, interesting premise.

    *Cons: Not the best production value, I really feel weary about a re-entry...why not shoot something new and take the 6/7 months they've had to improve it? I don't know if it still holds the boat after such a long time.

    *Pros: New Slant on the story
    *Cons: Production Value/Editing/Acting just not up to par when compared to other entries. I don't think I saw any cuts/edits...I really got the urge to start skipping through the vid, the tag line is pretty much ripped from Outbreak.

    My Picks:

    Winner: Outbreak (Lack of plot, sure, but I trust them to have come up with a great idea, because their studios passed work/presentation is top notch. Might re-invigorate the community.)

    Runner-Up: The Order Files (Like I said, I'm a bit iffy on a re-entry. Seems lazy to me, but out of the other entries (save Outbreak), seemed like it had the most work put into it.)

    just my opinion.

  6. Definitely not LG15CollegeDays. Got the distinct feeling of a stoner going, 'hey...I need $5000 for pot and cheetos. maybe if i film myself in front of a camera for a few minutes I'll win the contest.'

    probably outbreak or everlasting, leaning more towards outbreak cause it just looks a lot cooler

  7. I am still hoping for The Rising. Its a neat new take and its got genuinely funny people. Sharp shiny objects ftw!

  8. Not to into the College days one.. doesn't seem too original.

  9. Mason and The Order Files seem to be the two real contenders.

  10. Only one solution: cage match. Mason and the girl. Now.

  11. Somehow, I think sending the people with the knives would be more entertaining...>_>

  12. . . . because we are going to need to start a support group for the addiction.


    - lonelycracker for mason

  13. I'm getting kinda mad at all the people who keep bumping his stupid entry back to the top. It's obviously unfair to the rest of the entries.

  14. Anon,

    You appear to be making an accusation here that is not substantiated. Can you please explain what you are talking about.

    1. All the entries are listed in order of submission and tagged with LG15:TSIY


    2. All the community video remixes for mason video are listed under a different tag


    3. The videos in this post are listed in order of submission


    4. The video playlist on the blogspot portal page lists the videos in order of submission as does the list below the playlist


    5. No one has been bumping up any of the submitted videos. Videos are mostly posted on the blogspot as they are found, and that includes community videos. We find no basis for your claim.

    So, please explain exactly what is "unfair".

  15. Eh, Mason getting bumped doesn't bug me much. His video is a lot easier to remix than any of the others, after all. Only slightly worries me as EQAL might actually check some fan opinion like they did last time though I don't believe it influenced their final decision, just made them more confident. Again, their real advantage is having the write-ups.

    Oh yeah, and since I'm refusing to choose myself and be an ego douche, my pick goes to Pregnant Girl with College Days as the runner up. I just can't give it to Mason because of the little plot indication. I think he'd actually be stronger as a non-LG15 title, really.

  16. The remixes are not submissions an nothing is getting bumped on LG15 Today. We present videos as they are produced/discovered.

    Further, this thread provides a collecting point for ALL the entries we have so far and it is linked at the top of the blogspot with INDEPENDENT threads for entries, and the community remixes of mason's video.

  17. Personally I'd be very upset if Mason won "because he's Mason" or because of the drama he and his supporters have caused.

    My pick is Everlasting because LG15 started off as silly and fun. Going 100MPH right out of the shoot is a mistake and taking one's self too seriously is also a mistake unless there's some camp there to begin with. I also like the angle they took here.

  18. I'm not aware of any 'drama' he's caused. The only bit of that I saw going around in this contest was Exile/Jeremyssmart slinging dirt, lying, posting under fake names, etc.

    All Mason did was post his video and a short tidbit on LG15.com
    He hasn't even spoken openly about his entry to anyone in the community at all (which is pretty nerve wracking when we want to find out more about it).

  19. I definitely don't want L15: The Order to win. Forgetting all the plagiarism accusations I know nothing about, the pilot made one very crude, rookie mistake, it broke the 4th wall, in it they are accessing the lgpedia, since this is suppose to be in the lg15 universe then that means that, for instance Bree could have used the lgpedia and read a file on her, at which point I'm pretty sure the universe implodes.
    If that wasn't enough jeremy's "discussion" with renegade, if we can call it that, proved that he doesn't have the mental power to make arguments, so how I'm suppose to believe he can write a good plot?

    I liked the use of humour by TheRising and PrenantGirl 18, but good humour is perhaps the most difficult of all genders, and I'm not sure if they can pull it of, but if they can prove me wrong I'll be the first in line for the official t-shirt.

    The ones that I'm rooting for are The Order Files and Outbreak.
    I love the concept of The Order Files, everything not being black or white and leaving us in the moral dilemma of whether we should root for her or not, it's a concept I would go for myself if I was writing a plot.
    Mason pilot may not show a lot of plot, but that falls perfectly with the character itself, if he doesn't know who he is, how could the pilot show that is going to happen? Instead it shows us the mind of the character, so I find it appropriate.

  20. I definately go for The Outbreak. Not because he's Mason, but because his pilot looked the best and I wanna know more about the story behind all of it. The whispering girl, the burning Eifel Tower. It's mysterious and that's why I like it. Sure, some people said that we didn't saw anything of the storyline in it, only mason standing on grass looking at a burning Eifel Tower. But the mysterious part is the thing that intrigues me. We don't see in the pilot that it's again about a trait positive girl running from the Order blah blah. I'm kinda tired of that storyline anyway, I want a different angle and I think Mason can give me that.

    My second choice would be the Order Files. I liked this entry already last year. The only though that bothers me is that the lead character acts to much like Bree. It just feels a bit fake and over the top to me. I don't want a Bree copy cat. And the pilot has too many spoilers in it. And the fact that it's been shoot before we see the story of The Last, I think it will be a bit outdated maybe??

    So I'm totally voting for LG15: The Outbreak.

  21. I am the Creator of LG15: The Order, I recently talked to you Miles, but anyways. I LOOOOVED mason's entry "LG15: Outbreak" and LOOOOVED "LG15: The Order Files". All the other ones do not seem like they have the potential to make a fully fedged 8 week social show.

    For "LG15: The Outbreak", (my number 1 choice), this is extremely professional and could take LG15 exactly where it needs to be! I think we can all agree that the mystery and intrigue would leave any viewer gasping for more!

    Oh, and to those at EQAL, I am not underaged, as you read in my email with the informtaion provided. Thank you!

  22. I think LG15:Outbreak should not win.

    Mason did not even submit an actual pilot. He submitted a teaser that, while full of special effects, was imo, a lazy submission that did not tie into the breeniverse in any way at all.

  23. So turning the Breeniverse into a cheap knockoff of the Bourne Trillogy is where LG15 needs to be?

    I think not...

  24. I think LG15:Outbreak SHOULD win!

    Mason didn't have to submit a pilot episode. He submitted a pilot presentation that showed what the series would look like.
    And I thought it looked awesome.
    Calling it a 'lazy submission' is kinda tacky IMO. You dont get visuals like that with a few clicks from a mouse. I'm sure he took a great deal of time to get that to look just right.

    While I agree there was little in terms of 'OMG THIS IS LG15' in it, there are several reasons why I dont care: 1) This info might have been provided in the treatment 2)Mason has been around for a long time, and I'm sure knows how to fit everything together 3)I'd like to see the series take a new turn.

    I hope he wins and helps make an awesome show

  25. just sayin...I'd honestly rather watch the Bourne series as opposed to another season of the cliche 'webcam/on the run from the order' crap. It's time for something a bit different.

  26. A couple of things;

    1. I am really getting the feeling all these 'pro Mason' annon's are either Mason himself or Jeromy again.

    2. If you don't care if this has no connection to the Breeniverse, you were never a fan of LG15 in the first place. That statement is like saying you want Lost to be a sitcom.

  27. .....are we honestly still talking about whether it has to do with LG15?

    Someone wake me up when the trolls are gone. -_-

  28. I wonder if that was Jeremy's uncle, mother, dog, or parakeet, since it obviously wasn't him...despite posting under his name.

  29. 'informtaion' WIN.

  30. someone said:
    "Calling it a 'lazy submission' is kinda tacky IMO."

    Really? Well let me elaborate.

    The "pilot presentation" has absolutely NOTHING to do with LG15, except for some easy to do word frames at the end. How can ANYONE touting it say that this video was even originally made for this contest? Glenn Rubenstein readily admits he already had a plot and characters that he tailored to fit LG15. And honestly, the whole amnesia thing is either a side-effect of spin art or a knock off of Linc. It's already been done -- it isn't at all original (not to even mention the Bourne series).

    It WAS lazy, and who knows how long it took to create this video, and what the original intent of it was. Mason has NEVER put out a LG15 related video with special effects 4like that before -- how are people saying that he can do it now?

    Anyone calling this video a winner is not an LG15 fan.

    Substance over flash is what LG15 and Bree was all about.

  31. If you ask me, you have to think like Miles, Greg and Amanda. What is the goal of TSIY2? Is it to continue their brand in the mainstream? Or is it to simply keep the ship afloat until they get something together themselves? There are entries better suited for the former and entries better suited for the latter.

  32. So here is the thing...how does the lose of memory NOT connect this to LG15? Memory lose has been used numerous times as a plot device in LG15.

    Just because the connections aren't shoved down your throat doesn't mean they aren't there.

    And I'd rather be anonymous then be a creator openly bashing other creators. You don't see Mason in here telling the other entrants why they don't deserve to win. But sure, go ahead and keep throwing out accusations...it's just making you look jealous and desperate.

  33. 'Anyone calling this video a winner is not an LG15 fan.'

    That is the most ridiculous statement I have heard yet. It reminds me of when Sarah Palin called Republicans the only 'REAL Americans'.

    People are entitled to an opinion. Making a blanket statement like that makes you look foolish.

  34. Furthermore, I agree with (most) everyone who says it's really just down to 'Outbreak' and 'The Order Files'.
    I go with Outbreak because it seems different and more unexpected/exciting to me, and The Order Files just seems like another rehash of what we're used to.
    I also go with Outbreak because I think the series will have a higher quality. The guy making it has a production company, and The Order Files is still in high school by the sound of it. I just feel safer placing the LG15 reigns in more trustworthy hands.

  35. What Bianca23 said.

  36. So the guy who hyped a 24in24 and didn't deliver is "trustworthy"? Giving the prize to Mason or Jeromy will be the TSIY1 fiasco times 10.

  37. One more thing,

    There has been maybe 2 pro Mason posters here that haven't been anonymous. This along with the lack of Mason himself leads me to believe it is Mason himself coupled with Jeremy, (who has already been exposed for doing this in the last few days,) that is hyping him as the front runner.

    Let's see someone with some storytelling skill over shameless self promotion take this thing. I would trust the one that just does a good job over the one who acts like a spoiled drama queen.

  38. wouldnt it be fucked up if we found out that Masonishappy was ACTUALLY Jeremyssmart...or vice-versa, and it's all just a part of a huge conspiracy theory to turn the breeniverse into the borne identity, destroy the series and raise Venus Spa's blood pressure?

  39. unless mason is quite a bit more skilled at making himself look... like the exact opposite of himself I don't see it as feasible, however if that is what happened THAT'S what he should have entered into the contest ;)

  40. Sometimes you guys just crack me up...I'm reposting something I just put up on my LG15.com page in case anyone who hangs around on here wants to see it.
    (GAH! It's my first time posting here...out of character, no less. I don't do this often. Go easy :P )

    To All (again),

    Thanks again for all the great discussion and talk about 'LG15: Outbreak'. It's still pretty shocking to me that so many people are talking about it. I got asked via Private Message to answer some questions, and although I'm not going to answer each and every one, I picked three that I think a lot of people want some info on.

    I just want to remind everyone again that this is still a CONTEST. The show hasn't been
    greenlit. There are a lot of awesome entries. Anyone can win, and it's ultimately EQAL's
    decision. I can't wait until the 30th when we can all get behind one show and root for the
    Q: Tell us about the plot. What does 'Outbreak' have to do with LG15 at all?
    A: Short answer: Not telling. :)
    Longer answer: I'm not going to give out specific plot details, because, if greenlit, they could be changed/altered a lot by the time the show airs. I don't want to give you
    all the story without knowing EQAL's input as well. Plus, I don't want to spoil it. Seriously. Not to toot my own horn, but I think it's pretty exciting.

    OF COURSE it's an LG15 series. Yeeesh. Lighten up, guys! Anyone who even remotely
    skimmed through the masonishappy vids knows that I've got the Lonelygirl history/knowledge written into the back of my brain. It will contain a lot of LG15 staples.
    Specifically, things that WORKED in the original series. When I wrote the treatment, the goal was to combine things that were effective for LG15, remove the things that didn't work, and fill it with things that appealed to those looking for a new step in the series.

    Will it be different it areas? Yeah. But it'll be familiar.

    It's LG15 from a perspective that allows for a lot of interesting new ideas and sequences.

  41. ------------------
    Q: What qualifies YOU to create for the LG15 universe?

    A: Again, I dont want to sound like an egotistical jerk, but I think quite a bit. I'm a long time fan of the series, and I've contributed a lot to the show.

    Specifically, I own a production company that has done (and is doing) some pretty cool
    things. We've taken our fair share of festival awards, as well as other works, and we're confident we can do LG15 justice.

    Besides filming, I can hold my own with a story. I've been a writer for several years, and I've got a young adult book series that will be available at retail stores pretty soon. (Not gonna self-plug here, I'm sure you all can find info if you want it.)
    Q: Have you been creating accounts/commenting anonymously on LG15Today?

    A: Nope. I'd rather be creating content than critiquing it. No offense, but I don't really dig the whole 'online argument' thing. Pretty pointless to me. Don't get me wrong: I'll
    read through LG15Today to see what people think and whatnot, but I'm more of a lurker
    than a poster. If you get a post from me, it'll be from my actual blogger account.
    Other than that, I stick with LG15.com for lonelygirl-related stuff.

    That's all I'll give you guys for now. If you hear back from me, it'll probably be after the final decision has been made. I don't call horse races until they're over, so I really don't feel comfortable giving any more un-needed information to something that might not get greenlit.

    There are some of you who liked the preview. Cool. Thanks a lot for your support: it took
    a lot of time and effort to put it all together, and I'm glad you like it.

    There are some of you who don't like it that much. That's cool, too. There are a lot of
    really awesome entries that show great promise. I've got my favorites myself, but it's really awesome to see the community's creativity come out during TSIY.

    (And I'm loving the remixes. Keyboard Cat is always the crowd favorite, buy Kanye just
    kills it for me.)

    Thanks again!
    Good luck to everyone!

    Gregory Austin McConnell, Executive Producer - LG15: Outbreak

  42. Hmm...actually hearing him speak, I've got a better feeling about it.

    Of course, that could just be automatic sympathy due to post length >_>

    I still don't like the focus on his previous work, especially not if it forms the base for his entry's story, but I am a tiny bit more convinced he could pull it off.

    Then again, if there's a strong chance he'll alter his story after input from the Kings of Boobs & Plotholes, well......I'm all for boobs, but EQAL isn't famous in the community for writing creative, coherent plots.
    Just saying. Be careful what you adopt there.

    Good luck, we'll see who wins.

    (Of course, anyone who's been in chat today at the right time already knows the next cloud of drama forming...^^)

  43. Thanks

    For anyone interested the original comments are on this thread on LG15.com:


  44. He comes off as VERY egotistical in that statement. He said he has the track record but his track record also has the infamous 24in24 FAIL as a HUGE blemish on his resume. Until he atones for that, he can't be trusted to pull off what he is hyping.

  45. Chris, if you're still reading here, it's probably time to chill.

    Austin, Keyboard Cat was playing you off in that vid. You have made some really clever snark vids but that's about it.

    I'm not predicting the "chosen one" but my gut says you aren't it.

    PS: Bacon.

  46. Venus Spa, you do realize that, with you being a contestant, your issues with Mason's trustworthiness have about as much credibility as anything Jeremy says, right?

    Not that it isn't fun to watch the contestants try to kick each others' ass - but you should be aware that your claims and cries are automatically counterweighted by the fact that he's your direct competitor, giving you an incentive to make him look as bad as possible.

    Not saying you're wrong, not saying you should stop, just reminding you of the position you're in: You might be wasting your breath, simply because people will assume you're just smearing your competitor.
    Evidence of your claim would enhance your credibility.

  47. I hear what you're saying but at the same time I needed to be honest. There's some very good videos in this competition, (and I'm not even discussing mine,) but to see any of them lose because one video got by on flash and drama alone isn't cool.

  48. Remember Venus, we sent the vids with their write-ups to EQAL. We technically didn't even need to show them to everyone else, but its nice for people to have a look at them, right? It's like with studio testing. Yeah people might check what the audience thinks but that doesn't mean the network will listen. If they did crappy shows wouldn't end up on the air. So no worries.

  49. "(And I'm loving the remixes. Keyboard Cat is always the crowd favorite, buy Kanye just kills it for me.)"

    Kills in a good way or a bad way?

    EQAL's decision rests entirely on how you felt about my remix.
    True Fact.

  50. gotta say, with everyone else entered in the contest trashing him...seeing him just ignore the hating and wish everyone good luck seems just perfect.

  51. I resent that last statement anonymous! I have done no trashing of any entry thus far:P

  52. Maybe a poll would be better to see what everyone's opinion is. That way we dont have to sift through all this garbage



    (we just waited to try and make sure we captured all the entries in the poll)

  54. After what happened with TSIY1, I hope Outbreak wins your poll.

    Because there's no way in hell that Eqal will pick who the community chooses ever again.

  55. Can I still vote for the Misfits?

  56. Only if you have access to a time machine or live in the proximity of the 436.

  57. Austin said...
    "... I dont want to sound like an egotistical jerk...".

    Sorry, but that's exactly how this guy comes across.


  58. Anonymous said...
    Sorry, but that's exactly how this guy comes across.
    Really? Hmm. Let's compare how anons have treated his vid compared with how he treated everyone else:

    Anon said:
    Anyone calling this video a winner is not an LG15 fan.

    Austin said:
    There are some of you who don't like it that much. That's cool, too. There are a lot of
    really awesome entries that show great promise. I've got my favorites myself, but it's really awesome to see the community's creativity come out during TSIY.
    ...yup. He seems TOTALLY egotistical compared to everyone else.


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