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Monday, October 19, 2009

Gap Casting Call



  1. even i am a bit disturbed at the completeness of reporting offered by lg15today.

  2. See comment:



  3. ok the link just worked....... it took a while, but it worked.

  4. So Jack wasn't content with just internet fame - he wanted to go mainstream?

  5. You have to login to vote. I get enough junk mail, sorry Jack.

  6. balloon boy

    somebody tell these hollywood schmucks to stop exploiting their kid

  7. nice comparison anonymous. submitting Jack for an casting search presented by Gap and Disney is definitely the same as making the entire country think your kid is floating 10,000 feet in the air in a makeshift balloon. Lame.

  8. Between this post and the one above, the anon's have been in rare form. I would like to remind everyone who reads and more importantly comments here that real people - the people you are talking about - now often read this blog.

    When there is a story about a web show or someone involved in that show, there is a good chance that they are going to read the story and its related comments. I realize the whole point of being an anon is that you get to say whatever you want without worrying about it; however, I would like to think that those who visit this site have some tact.

  9. @Greg - using him as a vicarious mouthpiece to badmouth celebrities is pretty despicable. Nice baby book.

  10. @Mathieas - Why should I be concerned with how the Goodfrieds feel when they very clearly are are unconcerned with how any of the people they badmouth feel, and appear to be even less concerned about how Jack is one day going to feel about being the vehicle through which they spout their venom.

  11. Anon, if you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all.

  12. This post is about a casting call in which Jack has been entered. Zillions of proud rents enter their kids in such things. How do you think all the pictures in fashion catalogues get produced?

  13. Many rents put any financial gain into a college fun for the child. If you land a national TV commercial you can actually make a lot of money. Also in CA the laws regarding children on set are relatively strict.

    Anon, what exactly is your concern here? A rent is normally the legal guardian of the child.

  14. interesting... the anon's have gone crazy!

    I asked my 10 yr old if she wanted to be part of this and she said yes.. so I entered her for the contest!

  15. According to Jenn Berman, a well respected Beverly Hills psychologist who specializes in parent child issues, it is the stage parents who gratuitously exploit their offspring for their own fame and fortune who are crazy.

    Jenn Berman has this to say about stage parents:

    “It’s one thing to have a child who has an innate talent and to try to help that talent blossom, but it’s a whole other thing to use your child to try to make your family famous,I think that a parent who would use their child to try to get fame and attention is a very disturbed parent.”

    To determine that a child has innate talent and interest in becoming a star, would presume they are old enough demonstrate that talent. Jack, while clearly a very adorable child, is far too young to make the determination that he wants to either represent or become a "Brand".

    Working for Disney as a child star is so great? They are such an upstanding and reputable company? Go ask Lindsay Lohan.

    Go ask Britney Spears about what it's like to have your parents exploit you from your childhood for their own fame and financial gain.

    I see more child "Brands" hitting the skids than I see graduating 'cum laude'

  16. "stage parents" generally comes into play with children 2 and older. At that stage it becomes much more clear if the child is "into it" or being "pushed into it". With babies they tend to either be happy or not happy dependent on how they are being treated at any given moment. Just try getting a baby to "fake it".

    It is true that some "stage parents" become overly aggressive and do not always have the best interest of the child in mind. However this post was about a simple entry into a national competition.

    It is true that "Jack" has been using social networking sites for promotion and whether you agree with that or not it is really an entirely different issue from the subject of this post and one you should probably discuss directly with his rents if you have any concerns.


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