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Monday, October 5, 2009

Is Tila Tequila depressed?

Is Tila Tequila depressed and suicidal? Or is she just seeking more attention?


What do you think? Is she playing a joke, or is she serious?

Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tila_Tequila

NOTE: Partial nudity in the twitter account

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  2. I'm going for attention seeking, knowing her. But still, holy crap, seek help.

  3. Twitter seems to be blocking her "trending topics" to help prevent the Twitter community from "deciding the outcome". That would seem to be a good move but it is hard to tell how she will respond. Someone needs to get hold of her and talk her down from the ledge.

  4. Twitter may just have blocked @officialtila.

  5. just a guess, but anyone coming up with hashtags like #tiladontkillyourself and #tilacommitsuicide is faking it.

  6. Maybe she needs to lay off the coke a little bit.

  7. Anyone know what sparked this off and how they came up with the concept of using trending topics as a system of "voting". This is all very strange but hopefully someone can talk to her and settle her down a bit.

  8. Putting your life in the hands of the internet is having a little too much faith.

  9. Tila's been hacked before, about a month ago. If I remember correctly, the hacker said the same things about "killing herself." I really think that is what's happening here.

  10. what's happening is that we live in a world where people like tila tequila get discussed.

  11. seriously.. either way it's stupid.
    if shes PUTTING HER LIFE in the hands of a BILLION TRILLION people.. who mostly don't care.. if shes coke'd up.. if shes been hacked and this is some stupid prank or if shes just trying to get attention.. i think something needs to be done because this is not the first time the internet has been used to "Fake suicide"


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