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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's a Poor Paul Wedding! [Poor Paul ep38] - PoorPaulPoorPaul

"My Grandpa Paul invited most of us to his wedding. He's marrying his new lawyer Pauline. She's a lot younger than him and reminds me of Meredith the bitchy new wife in The Parent Trap movie. Oh and according to Clyde, she's a total GILF." -Paul.

Starring Samantha Droke, Wes Whitworth and Zack Bennett as Paul.

With Special Guest Stars Ezra Buzzington as Bradford, Jessica Rose as Beatrice, Richard Riehle as Grandpa Paul and Elaine Hendrix as Pauline.

Co-Starring Sean Michael Beyer, Whitmer Thomas, Palmer Scott, Andy Dardaine, Reggie Jernigan, Jackson Davis, Dustin Belt, Tara Robinson and Conn Barrett.

Music: "Feel" by Kelly Keeling and "In Pieces" by Cherry Suede.

Written by Geoff Hoff & Steve Mancini and Kevin G. Schmidt and Sean Michael Beyer.

Directed by Sean Michael Beyer.

©2009 Eye Scream Films


  1. Either Jackson is hung or he's wearing a prosthetic. Either way - wowza.

  2. Having seen it happen live I will also say wowza.


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