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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Level 26 Exclusive: Zuiker Addresses the Deputies

“I’m a Deputy…now what?”
Posted by Anthony E. Zuiker

I can honestly say that yesterday was the day that the site became “official.” It came alive.


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  1. TJ is mentioned again. He lied to everyone at LG15 and now he's betraying Level 26?!

  2. i had to watch it just because the comment above said TJ was mentioned ...

    ... by the creator of CSI.

    we've officially reached web 3.0 now.

    what are these deputies doing?

  3. I have to say Zuiker seems really cool, and very committed to making this thing work.

    I figured once the book came out (and bombed) that Level26 would quietly go away cough*Harper's Globe*cough, but he is sticking with it.

    Now I just have to take the book out of the Amazon box and read it.


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