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Friday, October 9, 2009

LG15 Today: 1,000,000 page views!!!!!

Back in January 24, 2009 LG15 Today passed the 500,000 site visits mile marker. Tonight we passed 1,000,000 total page views with approximately 633,000 site visits.

We want to thank the many people who have contributed to the success of LG15 Today. Some helped out with the design, some have made many many posts, or helped market and promote the blogspot. Others have done research for the blogspot, passed along tips, created cartoons or just written very funny, insightful or historical stories. In particular, we want to thank the fans over at LGPedia who provide the community with the most amazing resource. Of course we are indebted to all the video series creators who work so hard to entertain us. Some in the community have gone on to tell their own stories based on their own mythology while others stick with the traditional LG15 mythology but whatever your flavor you are part of this vibrant community and we thank you all. Of course a blog would be nothing if it was not for its readers so we thank each and everyone of you for your loyal support and many insightful comments. Finally we want to thank Google for providing us with a very robust and dynamic platform on which to build the blogspot.

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