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Thursday, October 1, 2009

LG15: TSIY-2 (The Show Is Yours 2)

Submitting Your Pilot

"Anyone may submit a pilot for TSIY2. The pilots must be submitted between October 1, 2009 and October 15, 2009. Entries will be closed at 11:59 pm PST on October 15, 2009."


"Site Features: Regarding the website, as previously discussed the new version of LG15.com will launch in time for producers to submit their pilots on October 1st. The website will receive new features, upgrades, and technical support that is consistent with all other EQAL websites."


From "The Last":

Hey everyone, since the new season of TSIY is starting, we have decided to back down off our characters twitter accounts and lg15chat since you guys gave us such a wonderful shot we want to give the winners the same opportunity don't worry... we'll be back! When the final ep is ready! (but who knows how long that will take XD) Thank you all sooooo much!



  1. the last is not over yet? sorry, but that's ridiculous.

  2. I agree! XD but you know us Aussies... we procrastinate like anything. :)

  3. The Last has been providing a lot of fun interactivity.

  4. I'm still waiting for that shot of a toilet flushing backwards. :)

  5. Why would the Last be over? Just because that particular contest is over doesn't mean that they should sell their cameras and never make another video. That's what ridiculous is.
    If you don't like it, don't follow it. If you don't like broccoli, don't eat broccoli. Two plus two is four. etc. etc.

  6. Procrastination? What a lame excuse. You're making TSIY look like more of a joke than it already is.

  7. 1st anon here. its not professional to have no schedule. i'm not losing sleep over it, i'm not offended. it would just have been much better if show lasted 8 sraight weeks per original promise, for many reasons.

  8. Oh, please both of you, especially the 2nd anon, just shut up. They've had many difficulties and are balancing all of those with their regular lives. You don't know the sacrifices they've made for The Last.

    I'm not a huge EQAL fan at the moment, but the Creatoroos are having a tough time, so I suggest you get to know the whole situation before making comments like that.

    And how would I know, you ask? I'm friends with Sam, the creator.

  9. Oh, so you mean the delays aren't Eqal's fault??????

    Wow, that's news to this blog.

  10. Do you guys still regard Anonymous as legitimate posts?
    Is there a way to change the word Anonymous to something more appropriate? A name like Whiny little bitch seems to fit better.
    I know I'm not much different, but at least I take the trouble to type a name in.
    And when did the Last claim to be professionals?.

  11. @CtrlAltDelete: At least in the next season, with EQAL owning everything, the winners will lack the legal basis to continue after TSIY ends, methinks.

    Not sure how what kind of contract The Last got, but thanks to gag orders all around, we'll never know.

    Also, @ the first anon: As someone who, like several others who enjoyed the show, specifically requested more The Last videos, I will respectfully disagree with you.

    With EQAL not producing any content themselves and having no intention to do so, and The Last being a well-produced and entertaining show, I see no reason why The Last should have been limited to the allotted 8 weeks.

    Would you have preferred if The Last had ended on May 1st, so we could have "enjoyed" an eight-and-a-half-month gap between shows?

    Or are you one of those who ignores everything that was said by EQAL and still believes The Resistance 2 is right around the corner?

    @cad again: I always found slashdot's way of putting it most appropriate.

  12. I am sorry, but the pacing is not helping at all. Sure an eight month gap would have been tough, but it's better than having videos so infrequently that it is difficult to stay interested... let alone remember what the hell is going on.

    It should have ended in May.

    I look forward to the coming season. Perhaps they will stick to their eight week treatment...

  13. ..and again. What is the problem with...just...not...watching?
    If an eight month gap is better than infrequent videos, then WATCH SOMETHING ELSE! It's very easy. If you see a video that's marked LG15 The Last, don't watch it.
    Good god at the jackasses around here.

  14. ignoring trolls is usually a good policy, though not sure "1st anon" is a troll at all, its just his/her opinion.

    now, where are my pilots!!!


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