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Friday, October 30, 2009

LG15: TSIY 2 Winner: LG15: Outbreak

Posted by Miles Beckett on Oct 30, 2009
Hey everyone! Greg, Glenn and I watched your pilot submissions and were very impressed by all of the incredible work you did. It was hard to narrow it down, and we deliberated on our choice for weeks. But we are proud to announce that the next LG15: The Show Is Yours will be "LG15: Outbreak" by Masonishappy.


From #LG15chat:

08:13 masonishappy :)
08:18 masonishappy Thanks muchly, FH14. Hope we do you all proud.
08:19 FH14 why are all of the old Mason videos privated
08:20 masonishappy it will make sense in due time. Can't reveal too much right now, but what seems like an annoyance currently will become a very cool element later on
08:22 masonishappy which color do folks prefer? I'll have to talk it up with our designers
08:22 masonishappy ...can we make it FLASHING neon pink?
08:22 masonishappy :P
08:23 masonishappy ...We could do gold, I suppose. It won't make much of a difference for me. I'm color blind -_-
08:24 masonishappy how would we denote its 'swineness'?
08:25 masonishappy ...isn't that what we did with the pilot presentation?
08:25 masonishappy *self-zing*
08:27 masonishappy Sorry I don't have a lot of info for you guys right now. I just got the call on Wednesday, and we're still working out the show details
08:27 masonishappy We'll have much more information available once the site, etc, is set up
08:28 masonishappy Hi snl
08:28 masonishappy We have nowseys.
08:32 masonishappy I think you all will really like the cast and crew we have set up. They're top notch, and we're looking to really do some exciting stuff that will reinvigorate the community and get people excited about LG15 again.
08:34 masonishappy Thanks. We appreciate the support of everyone as we start to kick off production soon.
08:35 masonishappy We'll let you know more specifics as the day approaches. For now, have a good weekend, everyone! :)
08:35 masonishappy Bye!

For more links visit our LG15: Outbreak blogspot portal page.



  2. Oh great, the all flash no substance entry won. Didn't see that coming, epically from the creators. Well this is going to make a boring TSIY, i think i'll wait till hell freezes over before i watch it.

  3. Waiting for the inevitable backlash... (looks up) Oh, its already started.

  4. 4 comments and only one is complaining about the choice. I'll come back in an hour.

    Congrats Mason!


  5. Congrats. Not the best entry. Not the worst. You better have had a good treatment.

  6. Here's an idea: instead of complaining about the choice...how about we get behind the series and do our best to help it thrive?!

  7. And not one tweet from EQAL announcing the winner. Makes you wonder what actually was "won."

  8. Modelmotion tweeted about it, and he has 3 times the followers so what does it matter if EQAL gets around to tweeting it?

  9. Congrats to Masonishappy :)

    I live around where I'm assuming the production is going to take place, so I REALLY hope for some sort of live event or SOMETHING.

  10. Congrats to Mason. I will be watching the show!

  11. DownUnder like you would be saying that if any of the other entries won. Get your head out of mason's ass and come into the daylight.

    Yeah, let's get behind the winning series like how a lot of the "community" got behind the last, oh right they didn't. I do wonder how many of the new fans will have a clue who mason is.

  12. Anon Bashing: Still Phun After All These Months of Waiting. Fact.

  13. Well, once again whoever won, we all lost.

  14. I think the order files would have been a better choice, it is a no-briner. Cute bree type girl but a little darker and less shy, going back to the basics. The basics being telling a story from a perspective not trying to be a tv show or min-movie. STORYtelling over flash effects instead of moody male characters brooding over the one they didn't save.

  15. Well nothing we can do about it now. Outbreak is the next LG15 show. We'll have to wait and see.

  16. There would have to have been a story submitted to EQAL. We didn't get a story because we got a teaser trailer, but we aren't the judges so chill out Anonymous cry-babies.

    You know what this means? LOTS OF REMIXES

    I, for one, am pretty excited.

    Rock on mason!

  17. Congrats Austin. Good on ya mate.

  18. Can you hear the community-wide excitement?

  19. he better not fuck it up...but really, when its sunk this low, is there any way to go but up?

  20. GREAT, now we can look forward to a whole lot of NOTHING!! I guess being an arrogant drama queen gets you everywhere these days...

  21. I am yet to see any proof that this guy can create an "innovative" interactive experience. That and Mason has made big promises and failed before so why would getting with Eqal change him?

  22. ...when was he being arrogant? No one has explained this yet. He's always been a funny guy who does great work.

    And this whining still doesn't change the fact that no matter how much people bitch, he. has. won. thats it.

    Let's wait till the series starts before we start trashing it

  23. If you saw his responses on LG15today you'd see just how full of himself he is. Add that to the drama he's caused with the help of Jeremy and what we have is our next great trainwreck.

  24. I'm disappointed.

  25. Which comment are you referring to? And what drama? Why not just let it play out and see what the show brings to the table. Those of us who followed The Last were treated to a great ride and this time if Eqal helps in promotion as they have promised perhaps this one can get the views to match.

  26. 2nd worse choice, the worst of course being Jeremy's.

  27. yeah...I can totally see how talking about his experience in television is being full of himself. shame on him for having a resume.

    of course, you were bitching about how he doesnt have experience to do the show...and apparently him proving that he does is 'arrogance'

    you're right... what kind of douchebag answers criticism with facts?

    but again, what's this 'drama' he's caused? you still havent told me. Now he's in cahoots with the Jeremy kid? looks like your grasping for straws.

    he won. quit bitching and be happy we at least have a show now

  28. When Austin did an impromptu FAQ in the 3rd person it showed that his ego has it's own gravitational pull.

  29. ......mwahahaha....yes....can you FEEL IT!?!?!? The Anonymous haters are out in full force....the spirit of LG15 is RETURNING!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. Teehee. Venus Spa is currently in what we call 'Denial'...

    Sorry, mate. Your entry was good. But it's not the winner.

    And since Mason said in chat that he's already gone over plans with Miles/Greg and co earlier...I'd say its set in stone.

  32. On the bright side, no more Mason as of this Spring...

  33. Any time you make a derivative product you are somewhat limited in what you can do with it. The TOS used to state that if you used any LG15 element then you were bound by the non commercial creative commons license. Now things are a little more complex because their is one TOS on the entry post and a different one on the web site. A while back we did ask on inside which one applies. I guess now would be a good time to see if they replied yet.

  34. Guess not (from inside LG15)

    "Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    October 19th, 2009 at 8:46 am

    The TOS set forth here (http://www.eqal.com/terms) differ from the TOS on LG15.com (http://www.lg15.com/tos). Which TOS is correct? Do they both apply. If, so how do they interact?"


  35. That is kinda what I was referring to. There's no season 2 of The Last forthcoming so one good question to ask would be "what about them?" That's your precident right there.

  36. @Venus Spa (yes, I saw that post before it got deleted) - independent from any appearances in chat, the announcement-posts on Inside did say that the winner would be contacted beforehand.

    iow, in all likelihood, Mason heard he had won a day or two ago already, and they probably made sure right then and there that he'd agree to the terms and not pull a Misfits on them.

    The Cs may have made it a tradition to make decisions on the lower end of the intelligence spectrum, but I do think they have been burned enough last year to not announce a winner again unless they're 100% sure s/he will sign.

  37. There were grammar errors all over the post which is why I deleted it.

    If he agreed to hand Mason over, the character is dead after this.

  38. Looks like the first use of the F-word has finally arrived!

  39. Hey Anonymous, there's no need for that. Mason's entry has great effects. His treatment must had been something awesome, so let's show our support to him. The negative side is that we could not have a show at all:) ~Mitch

  40. Good or bad, I'm looking forward to seeing what he can do. Worse case scenerio, I'll sit here and stare at the monitor. Best case scenerio, I'll sit here and stare at the monitor.

  41. It's really going to come down to whether he can deliver on some pretty lofty promises.

  42. "His treatment must had been something awesome" - must it, really?

    Is it inconceivable they went with "Ah, damn LG15 is still our signature franchise, we need to have something good looking to show investors there"?

    The Inside post speaks of "the selected pilot" - not of "the best pilot". So does last year's Inside post.

    At no point in either post do the Cs state that the "best" pilot will win. Only that they will select one. They never ruled out that criteria for winning can't be personal connections, community-politics, PR, looks, professional background, bribes, sexual favors...

    Mason won. That is undeniable. But to assume that, just because he won, that automatically means his treatment must be awesome, is fallacious. All it means is that there was some reason of unknown nature that convinced them to choose him.

    It might very well have gone the way of
    "The Order?" - "Not eligible."
    "Rising?" - "With that sound? Never!"
    "Everlasting?" - "Too campy, imo."
    "PregnantGirl18?" - "And have the soccer moms and jesus freaks on our ass? No thanks."
    "Order Files?" - "And risk they do Bree better than we did?" - "Good point."
    "College Days?" - "..." - "Kidding, kidding."
    "So...are there any left?" - "Well, there's Outbreak..." - "What's that about?" - "I have no clue." - "How does it look?" - "Alright..." - "Let's just go with that, then. I'm hungry anyway."

    The decisive point could have been Mason's professional background compared to the other contestants, for all we know. With The Last's numerous delays and lack of a schedule, it wouldn't be too surprising if EQAL went for a professional, for someone they could "talk business" to, rather than random amateurs.

    Not to mention we don't even know if the vote was unanimous. EQAL said Glenn will be a judge. I don't remember them saying he had veto-rights.

    So really...while we should hope whatever Mason was unwilling to show us is good in some way, the fact that he won is in no way a seal of projected quality.

    All it means is that for some reason EQAL selected that show.

    (Plus, really - let's assume they honestly did try to choose the "best" show. We're talking about a selection by the people infamous for creating a show around boobs, sexual innuendo and plot holes. Would the fact that they think the treatment is awesome really mean it's good?)

    "We" have a winner. We can't change it now. We'll be stuck in 10 weeks of mind-numbing silence before it arrives anyway. There's no point in speculating about the quality of the show at this point. Not only do have no information at all to base our speculation on, but no matter the result we come to, the show will be produced either way.

    No matter if you think Outbreak will be the most awesome LG15 ever, or a plot-less re-hash of last year's fanfic, Outbreak will be TSIY2.

    The only question is who will watch. And that can only really be decided next year.

    So let's just acknowledge the decision of those who lost touch with us a long time ago anyway, and continue this discussion next January.

  43. I still don't get the "campy" term gade:P

  44. Wow, the things you miss by forgetting to log onto this blog for a day.

    So yeah, Austin won. Good for him, seriously. I mean, he did have the best-looking trailer going into it, the only thing is I can't call it a pilot as it didn't really give any clues away at all save the tired amnesia plot. Still, a trailer is a pilot presentation, and it was a damn good-looking one. Hell, my own presentation was just a giant trailer too. Really my only personal reservation about Outbreak is the apparent amnesia thing because I absolutely hate that gimmick. It can work at times, but more often than not it results in lazy storytelling. Of course, since EQAL rolled with it I'll assume Austin is a decent writer to present the cliche in a fresh, interesting way. So yeah, methinks we'll be just fine.

    Good luck to you Austin, I'm here if you need some crappy audio!

  45. Mathieas: EQAL is a social entertainment company and a selling point of Umbrella is twitter integration. There should be no getting around to it, it should be automatic. The point is not the tweet itself but the fact that it should have taken no effort to do and that's probably a good indication of the lack of promotion Outbreak will get.

  46. Venus Spa, what a sore loser. You want people to watch and support your show on this blog, the least you can do is support others. And if you don't just keep your mouth shut so you don't come off so poorly.

  47. I think Eqal is taking a risk offering this to someone who already hasn't delivered what they said they would.

    If fan interest in his show will be 1/10th as big as Mason's ego, it might be worth it for Eqal.

  48. This is much better. I was worried for a while but it just took one night to get all the crazies out.

    Happy Meeping Halloween Everybody.

  49. Renegade: Your post is awesome man. Bravo.

    Austin: Bravo on the win! Any live events in KC? *wink wink*

  50. http://www.amazon.com/Fallen-Angels-Book-Welcome-Munich/dp/0984124314/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1256237297&sr=8-2

  51. Congratulations to masonishappy on winning! I look forward to seeing his show.

  52. We are still here Joe. We have just said our piece.

  53. I just hope he'll be able to produce this whole series while balancing the book thing at the same time...

  54. Another anonymous for Mason.

    Yay! Congrats on winning! I'm looking forward to your series.

    @ Peter Dawson - you're a class act. Maybe next time.

    @ Venus Spa - You're attitude just killed any interest I might have had in checking out your existing series. Talk about egos, yours is monumental. Thank God you didn't win. Get over it.

    @ Everyone else who entered - nice effort. Hopefully TSIY2 will assure there will be a TSIY3, TSIY4 . . .

    There will be more opportunities to win in the future - keep up the good work.

  55. Congrats, Mason! I'll be looking forward to seeing the show when it gets going. Eager to see what the pilot will lead to. And from the effects and moodiness of that video, my hopes are high! Best of luck!


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