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Friday, October 30, 2009

LG15: TSIY Winners!

Thank you to EQAL!

LG15: TSIY Winners!

We might worry, that our pilot kinda sucks
But we'll take our webcams & we can make 5000 bucks
Don't ask why - we're taking over TSIY!

Well we're going to cross the whole U.S.A.
To search for clues that make no sense anyway
Such fun in store, headin' to a bathroom in Baltimore

Well we go from L.A. over to San Francisco Bay
What would take you 8 hours will take us 30 days
We'll get kidnapped and end up in Mexico
Take what the order stole, watch out for plothole
here comes the helicopters, and tachyon on a cellphone

Would you get hip, to our Trait Positive Trip
Serum, Elders, Emma's boobs, and here's some spooky clips!
Don't deny - we're gonna win TSIY!

Its not an A.R.G., we ain't got Lucy,
Our friends tell us they may not watch a single scene
we'll make obscure, references to old episodes
Crowley near the bookcase, Rezisto wants to fight
Virgil's resurrection and another 80s Prom night

We ain't got a girl, who acts just like bree
Ain't got cleavage, that we'll show endlessly

Don't deny we're gonna win TSIY
--Mason will cry when we win TSIY!

Our 12 in 12 series finale has an astronomically impossible eclipse!

Mason will cry when we win TSIY!

Don't deny, we're gonna win TSIY!


don't worry EQAL, we have an excellent show planned!


Credits to our cast
ApotheosisAZ as himself
Betz28 as herself
Suze900 as herself

Inspiration by Betz28
Bad lyrics and editing: blame milowent


  1. Let me be the first to congratulate you guys on the win! You made a solid video and will do the community proud!!

  2. You know you had my vote right up till you said there would be no boobs.

  3. In your face, Mason. IN YOUR FACE!!!

  4. Well done. I look forward to many, many seasons of The Winners.

  5. YAYYYYYYYY!!!! By the way...my camera is supposed to suck in the show! :)

  6. Your mic was fine suze, as was the singing.


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