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Monday, October 12, 2009

LG15:Everlasting TSIY 2 pilot - lonefox101

LG15:Everlasting TSIY 2 pilot
Produced by Mitchell Wright
Synopsis: LG15 Everlasting follows the lives of four individuals who have been scratched by the Order in some way or form. There is an Evil anti Aging Crème Company known as Everlasting Beauty. Everlasting Beauty has created a new product that requires the blood of trait positive girls in the formula. Their product advertises that it promises youthful looking skin if applied daily but in all actuality the product does the opposite, it accelerates the aging process until it eventually kills the user of the product. The creator of E.B. is named Loretta frost. Loretta Frost is an evil woman who cares for no one but herself. She will stop at nothing to achieve her goal of forming a new perfect world, even if that means destroying everyone on the planet. There are four people that will not just let this happen. These four individuals ban together and form a team Known as C.H.A.O.S. which is an acronym for Collective Herculean Against Oppressive Societies. This group is brought together by Tachyon. She cant stand by any longer, she knows that too many lives are at stake. Team C.H.A.O.S must stop Everlasting Beauty before they launch EB worldwide.


  1. This one has potential and I'll tell you why, ignoring all else at the heart of the premise is a winnable goal. There is an opportunity to get a small victory here, take out EB and by consequence wound the Order. Of course everyone should die in the process to achieve it. :)

  2. 'Evil anti Aging Crème Company'

    Ala Cat Woman?


  3. It would work. I love the acryonym and the plot. It's out there and i like it.

  4. Finally! Some good entries are finally coming together!

    I love that song. Oh the memories.

  5. I like this one. This is the best one so far, closest to the roots of the original LG15.

  6. it's kind of weird...it's like the opposite of what I got with the masonishappy entry.

    In this one, I see how the story might work, but I don't like the execution in the pilot at all...

    With Mason's, I loved the pilot, but don't know the story.

    eh? we'll see who eqal likes better.

  7. If the trailer doesn't involve at least a trace of usage of the characters having their own handheld camera, then I'm off that bait.

  8. @TraversTown
    ...Then I'm assuming you were off N1ckola as well?

    This one is alright. The acting was a bit 'eehhh'

  9. um, every pilot used a handheld camera. there's not a single one that didn't.

  10. DownUnder - Yes, I watched the first few then stopped.

    @2nd Anon - I meant handheld cameras IN UNIVERSE; like the characters know they're there.

  11. ...yeah, I know what you meant. and every video has one.

  12. Didn't he post a video or comment a few days ago about not being able to enter TSIY? Glad he changed his mind.

  13. @Anon

    RE: ...yeah, I know what you meant. and every video has one.

    N1ckola and the Last come to mind.


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