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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Secret Girlfriend: 10:30PM EST Tonight on Comedy Central

Q & A with Sara Fletcher

Do you ever get recognized in public? I know if I ever saw 'Rachel' out and about I would get giddy.

I haven't been recognized in public, but if I was I would be excited if someone was giddy to see Rachel!

Is it more or less stressful for you (based on your experience in other relationships) to have a partner who is in the entertainment business, like yourself, or in another field entirely? [This might be too personal, so you don't have to answer it]

I have a very understanding spouse who has worked in both the entertainment and business worlds. He is my biggest cheerleader and is very accepting of the work I have to do. I think the most stressful part of being with someone in the industry is the strange hours and time apart. For us, the biggest challenge is being away from each other if one of us has to travel for work. But in terms of having a partner in another industry I think it just depends on each individual relationship. When we first were together it was always very clear that this is what I wanted to do with my life, and he's always been extremely supportive.

Do you have any plans to bring back asswipers, inc? Your videos, Advice from a hot girl, were both entertaining and informative.

Ha ha ha! Glad you enjoyed it! Unfortunately I don't think AssWipers Inc will be making a comeback. However the producers and director would love to turn it into a sitcom one day, so you never know!

In Redearth88 you were essentially the only onscreen character (with the exception of Linc of course), but in Secret Girlfriend you are surrounded by a group of other actors. How is that different in and of itself?

Having other actors to work with is always a blast! It's definitely a different challenge since there are more people to coordinate with, blocking, running lines, etc... However, I love the comradery that happens off screen; and working with talented people like the other cast members of Secret Girlfriend only challenges me to become better at my craft.

In both series, you have a "love" interest that is never seen onscreen. What are the challenges of being in a relationship with someone the audience never sees?

Working with someone that doesn't really exist is certainly a challenge. When there is another actor in the scene it's easier to react off of something or someone. However, both Glenn Rubenstein (RE88 Director) and Ross Novie (Secret Girlfriend Director) gave excellent notes to keep the scenes with the audience fresh and realistic. I just had to keep reminding myself there was another person on the other side.

And finally, in Secret Girlfriend do you use a set or do you shoot on-location? Like, was last week's episode really filmed in a strip club? If so, how's the food?

We shot everything for Secret Girlfriend on-location- and yes we were at a strip club. It was pretty amazing! In fact, the stripper pole was actually a stripper pole built into the owner's office! We didn't actually have the food from the film location, but from what I hear strip clubs have some pretty tasty meatballs.

Who would win in a fight: You or Jessica Rose?

I do give a mean punch to the armpit, but my shrimp like statue and t-rex arms make me a pretty awful fighter, not to mention I don't do well seeing blood.

If you could have any acting role in the World, what would it be, and why?

I would love to be a bond girl! They always have amazing action scenes, fantastic fashion and cheesy but sexy dialogue.

Have you ever been in the position of being the jealous ex, like Mandy? How about the secret girlfriend, like Jessica?

I'm not really the jealous ex Mandy type, but every girl has her moment of insanity. I would say my worst moment of craziness happened at the ripe age of 5 in the back of the carpool line. I kissed Tim R. on the cheek, got made fun of at lunch for the next six weeks. But overall I think I tend to be more relaxed like Jessica, but that doesn't mean that kissing a boy in the back of the carpool line is out of question! ;)

What are your ultimate career goals? At what point in your career were you/do you think you'll be able to look back and say "I've really made it!"?

Ultimately I'd like to keep working as an actress as long as I can, well into my 60s if possible. I'll know I've made it when men throw underwear at me on the street. Okay, not really, but a Roast on Comedy Central would be pretty sweet.

Who are your role models? Which actor/actress's career would you aspire to have yours be modeled after?

I know it's completely cheesy, but my parents. I love em and they have always been so supportive of my career choice even though it's not very conventional. They both work so hard and give so much.
I would love to have a career like Lea Thompson; she was in all of the Back to the Future movies (all fantastic), had her own TV series for years and is an amazing actress. If I can have a career like that I'd be happy as a pig in mud!


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If you have any more questions for Sara, leave a comment below and we will post the answers next week!!!!


  1. Do you have a favorite "Bond girl". If so why? And, if you were to land the role of a "Bond girl" who do you think would make the perfect James Bond?

  2. Follow question: What would be your Bond Girl Name?

  3. Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?

  4. The Goonies is on right now. Should I stay up late to watch it or go to sleep and show up to work on time and well rested?

  5. What's it like working with Glenn Rubenstein?

  6. What's been your favorite project that you've worked on thus far?

  7. Which celebrity's "biggest fan" are you?

  8. What's your favorite food?

  9. If you weren't an actress, what career would you like to have and why?

  10. Do you ever feel like the series is exploiting you by focusing so much attention not to mention the camera on your physical attributes?


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