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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Secret Girlfriend: 10:30PM EST Tonight on Comedy Central

Q & A with Sara Fletcher

How different is starring in a tv show than a web series?

For this particular project (Secret Girlfriend) it was actually very similar. For both SG and RE88 the main character/characters talk directly into camera, which is part of what makes the TV series so unique. Most of the time when an actor is filming a TV series, you avoid eye contact with the camera at all costs. Overall, I would say the biggest difference is crew and production size. Obviously for web, not as many people are needed to produce quality content. However, during the shooting of Secret Girlfriend we would have any where from 30-50 people on set at a time.

What are the ups and downs of both in your experience?

At the end of the day, I love being on any set working as an actress, whether for web or TV. Working with a small crew is great because you get to know everyone individually and tend to feel very comfortable stretching yourself as an actor. However, a low-budget small crew may not have the ability to film at a bar or a mansion, etc... which can be a hindrance, unless the writer is aware and uses the spaces/locations that the crew has available to them. On the flip side, working for TV is equally fulfilling. Although you may not get to know everyone that is on set everyday, there are perks to having a larger crew and more funding. Locations can be more extravagant, there's more money in the budget for costumes, food, production, etc... However, there's also more pressure to work as quickly and efficiently as possible since there are so many people working simultaneously.

Which character can you relate to more: Jessica or Rachel?

I think I've got a little bit of both characters in me. Jessica is pretty adventurous and loves playing kick-ball, hanging with the guys, etc...I would say we're pretty similar in that respect. Rachel tends to be more introspective and I too have my meditative moments.


More about Sara Fletcher and Secret Girlfriend: http://lg15today.blogspot.com/search/label/Sara%20Fletcher

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  1. here's a question: Do you ever get recognized in public? I know if I ever saw 'Rachel' out and about i would get giddy.

  2. Is it more or less stressful for you (based on your experience in other relationships) to have a partner who is in the entertainment business, like yourself, or in another field entirely? [This might be too personal, so you don't have to answer it]

  3. Do you have any plans to bring back asswipers, inc? Your videos, Advice from a hot girl, were both entertaining and informative.

  4. In Redearth88 you were essentially the only onscreen character (with the exception of Linc of course), but in Secret Girlfriend you are surrounded by a group of others actors. How is that different in and of itself?

    In both series, you have a "love" interest that is never seen onscreen. What are the challenges of being in a relationship with someone the audience never sees?

    And finally, in Secret Girlfriend do you use a set or do you shoot on-location? Like, was last week's episode really filmed in a strip club? If so, how's the food?

  5. I just realized that all I questions were mine. I feel specials. *hugs self* :)

  6. Who would win in a fight: You or Jessica Rose?

  7. If you could have any acting role in the World, what would it be, and why?

  8. Have you ever been in the position of being the jealous ex, like Mandy? How about the secret girlfriend, like Jessica?

  9. What are your ultimate career goals? At what point in your career were you/do you think you'll be able to look back and say "I've really made it!"?

  10. Who are your role models? Which actor/actress's career would you aspire to have yours be modeled after?

  11. How do you feel about nudity?


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