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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Simply Simon - Behind the Scenes #1 - Welcome

Welcome to the first production vlog of the Simply Simon webseries. Come watch as we go about making a webseries from scratch!


Ben Ryan – Simon
McCready Baker – Sammy
Laura Gardner – Carla
Michael White – Frank
David Landry – Lester
Michelle Lawrence – Betsy
Kristen Scoles – Ashley
John Ruby – Tom
Jewel Greenberg – Christie
Lony’e Perrine – Tracey
Jeff Blumberg – Marcus
Imelda Corcoran – Rena
Michelle Gardner – Dr. Rosen
Alex – Tanya Perez
Andy Scott Harris – Young Simon
Christine Weatherup – Girl 2
Shelli Boone – Host

Ben Ryan – Executive Producer
Maxwell Glick – Executive Producer
Tom Ptasinski – Director
Jenni Powell – Co-Producer
L. Sidney – Associate Producer
Mel Huffman – Production Designer
Emily Jermusyk – 1st Assistant Director
Jarrett Sexton – Director of Photograpy
Dana Smith – Makeup Artist
Sean Oakley – Sound Mixer
Shannon Chere’ Kaposy – Costume Designer


  1. "Simply Simon is proudly powered by WordPress"

  2. Ok... so I feel majorly staulkery...

    I recognized Jenni's ponytail.

    I recognized someone I don't actually know by the back of their head.


  3. Ooh la la, I have a trademark ponytail!

    I will never cut my hair ever! :)


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