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Saturday, October 17, 2009


It now looks like we have all the entries for LG15: TSIY-2 and we now invite you to vote in a community poll for "LG15: TSIY-2 People's Choice"

If you have not already done so we strongly encourage you to watch all the entries (see the playlist below) before submitting your vote. As you do so, here are a few things to consider:

1. Which show has the best overall concept.
2. Which show has the potential to tell the most compelling story.
3. Which show promises the best production value.
4. Which show might provide the most visual stimulation.
5. Which series has the most potential to engage the community in an interactive experience.
6. Which show makes the best use of the current LG15 mythology and/or promises to expand the LG15 mythology in a new, interesting and unique way.
7. Which show promises the most interesting, compelling and well developed characters.

It is important to emphasize that we do not have access to the full treatments and hence we are voting solely on the available information. Also this poll does not represent a statistical sampling of the entire population and hence, while the discussions surrounding the poll may be relevant to the judges, it would be inappropriate to use the poll in any way in the final decision making process.

Note that no matter what Eqal, Inc. decides or the results of the unofficial poll, we hope that all the shows continue and that the entire community will support all the shows. Anyone who puts the work into creating a pilot is inherently a winner. This is a great moment for us to expand the community so ask your friends to watch the videos, vote and most of all have fun.

VOTE NOW: http://lg15theshowisyours2.blogspot.com/ <====


  1. Could someone PLEASE vote for CollegeDays? It sucks to see him with zero.

  2. ...we don't DO 'pity-votes' around these parts.

  3. Why didn't you vote for it?

  4. because anons don't VOTE, silly. we just leave negative comments and bash and trash other people. Duh.

  5. Vote early and vote often! This should be interesting.

  6. We should form our own club!

  7. ....we havent already?!


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