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Thursday, October 29, 2009


It is important to emphasize that we do not have access to the full treatments and hence we are voting solely on the available information. Also this poll does not represent a statistical sampling of the entire population and hence, while the discussions surrounding the poll may be relevant to the judges, it would be inappropriate to use the poll in any way in the final decision making process.

The poll is now closed: http://lg15theshowisyours2.blogspot.com


  1. Wow, 567 people voted... that's not suspicious at all.

  2. That looks like a really close vote!

  3. I'd say this poll is at least as trustworthy as the 2000 presidential election.

  4. hmmmmm...wonder who the winner will be?

  5. some major gaming of the votes for the everlasting and the order files happened recently. before that happened, those two plus Outbreak had vote totals consistently ahead of the other entires.

    as mm notes, since we don't have access to the treatments (nor should we since that would give away the plot), the poll is mostly for fun.

  6. pretty sure there aren't even 567 people who WATCH anymore.

    Order Files and Everlasting kinda ruined the whole purpose of the poll.

  7. Hopefully the vote drew some attention to the videos. In the end what we need is to grow the community with people who find them entertaining and engaging.

    With the help of the treatments the judges are in a much better position to determine which show can do that.

    Also we should not forget that we are a community that is built around making videos and telling stories, so win or loose we hope all the entries continue to produce content we can enjoy.

  8. The vote gaming leads me to believe everlasting and order files are manufactured, and I'm left wondering if maybe 'The Rising' is one of the few with actual legit votes.

  9. ANYONE but Mason, that's my vote.

  10. You gotta admit, gaming views is an old tried and true lg15 tradition. *wistfully reminisces*

  11. Coll-ege Days! COLL-EGE DAYS!

  12. Anyone who thinks The Order Files's vote count was generated by their team hasn't paid much attention to chat in the past 24 hours.

    As for numbers, if you want realistic ones, Order Files was in the 90s yesterday; Everlasting was in the 130s after their Magical Surge of Victory. There were at least around 90 fake votes on Order Files, and at least the same amount on Everlasting in respose (making for a total of at least 140 fake ones on Everlasting, if you're keeping count).

    So, based on Mason's relatively slow rise from 60 to 67 in recent days, you can assume something like

    The Order: 6
    The Rising: 20
    Outbreak: 67
    Everlasting: 83
    PregnantGirl18: 13
    The Order Files: 99
    College Days: 4

    as the result without the majority of artificial votes. Of course, Everlasting was once distant third, so it's up to you how much you believe that count.

    Either way, there is no evidence the Order Files crew has anything to do with their vote count, and I know for a fact about 90 of those votes don't come from them (and had you been in chat long enough, so would you), so be careful what kind of accusations you're throwing around.

    Yes, their score is artificially inflated. No, the majority of it wasn't done by them.

  13. fyi... we recorded the vote count at the 104 votes mark to be:


    As said previously the vote was for fun and if people choose to "game the system" we all loose, but so be it.

  14. I remember Mitch mentioning he campaigned for votes via mySpace, or at least suggested it, at some point, so if he did that would give him a bump. The Order Files has been on the front page for the longest, so its probably the freshest in people's minds. Outbreak meanwhile is Mason, so, you know, plenty of fans there. Thus all three actually have fairly legit reasons for the massive vote flood.

    It was nice to see so many people vote, even if it was questionable in nature. I don't care, I'm just proud of the few votes I got via not campaigning at all. Good run, for sure.

  15. I need to say that I am somewhat offended at these acusations I feel I need to speak up.

    While, on my end, it seems fairly suspicious that my votes would increase so much in the last two days (or just in general), you need to see what has been "in my favor"

    1- Over the last 17 (or however long the poll has been going) I tweeted a total of 4 times (at www.twitter.com/stretchandmayo) saying exactly this in order to preserve the competition, "Vote for your favorite web series, mine is The Order Files, here...". I have over 100 followers. But, over the last two days, my YouTube friend Will retweete out of kindness my message asking people to vote, twice (see his tweets here: www.twitter.com/thewillofdc). He has 2000 followers. So 200 votes out of those people is actially not a lot.

    2- My twitter feed is attached to my facebook profile. So, you might also be able to account for some of those votes from my friends. Further more, Show Me The Skyline, a band whose music I used, posted a quick thing mentioning this poll to their 3000 fans.

    I know that the next point many of you will bring up is that this was a poll designed to specfically ask only the "true" LG15 fans and not contestans friends. I only have this to say: From mentioning this contest to my friends and other people, I've had close to 30 or so people ask me in person and online abou what LG15 was and had more than that mention that they checked out LG15 and The Last and thought that it was really cool and are already watching tons of episodes and really getting into the whole franchise. Also, I hope that I don't, but if I get condemed for advertising the contest on twitter, a simple search of "lg15" on the website can show that many contestants advertised as well

    So, I know that many people are still going to be mad and feel like I "cheated", but I had to say my shpeal to try to redeem myself. I am sorry if anyone is upset or unsettled by the poll.

  16. I just read the first part of my last post (which I types this morning on my iPod and just sent now), and I realized that it is fairly condesending (did I use that word right?) I apologize if it came across that way, I HONESTLY didn't mean it to, I was just a little upset at the accusations.

  17. don't worry stretch. to clarify, at least for myself, there's no real evidence of underhanded techniques being used or advocated by anyone. just some big vote moves near the end. there are many cases in the breeniverse where fans have done promotional things on their own, too.

    and since my team won, you KNOW something screwy is going on.


  18. Milo its obvious why your team won.

  19. we won!!! and in the show my webcam sucks compared to the rest of the cast...that's just part of the show hehe:)

  20. A key objective of the vote was to spread the word about the videos and to the degree that it helped that is great. It is actually a good thing that the word got spread so effectively but that is why we need to take this poll for what it was ... good fun.....at least we hope everyone enjoyed it.

    Between the discussions and the poll I think we are now ready for the real judges to make their decision so good luck everyone and no matter what...... keep making videos and keep having fun.

  21. Incidentally, a knowledge of social marketing skills might be just as important as good writing and editing in making a show work so it is good to see those tools being used.

    Ideally everyone who votes will watch all the videos and vote for what they feel is best but with this type of vote it is hard to ensure that this happens.

    Anyway, whatever the outcome it is great to see that it generated some interest in TSIY-2 and hopefully that will continue into the show itself.

  22. Mason or we riot!

  23. WHO WON?! Weren't they supposed to announce today?

  24. LG15: TSIY 2 Winner: LG15: Outbreak



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