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Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Web.Files #16 - Compulsions

On the newest episode of The Web.Files Kristyn Burtt interviews Compulsions creator and writer, Bernie Su, as well as the series producer, Michael Tohl. Compulsions is a dramatic thriller that possesses the atmosphere of Dexter while sharing its story structure with Lost, and is one of this years most anticipated new web series. The interview contains some never before seen clips, at least I haven’t seen them, and features some insight into the three main characters. The only downside to the interview, everyone was wearing a hat, except Kristyn… what? she looks good in a hat.

Compulsions has an interesting premise, ordinary people who rather than suppress their darker compulsions, act on them as an emotional outlet. Last month, I talked with Bernie Su about the series at length, during which he shared his thoughts on the series and web series in general. The series is scheduled to debut towards the end of October, the exact date and place to be announced.

Update: I received an email from series creator, Bernie Su, today stating that the new launch date for the series is December 1st. Also, I have been using words such as dark, edgy and mature to describe the series, well, I have had the opportunity to view the first two episodes and I can state that not only is it dark, edgy and mature, but it also is brilliant and riveting. Personally, I cannot wait for the series to debut.


  1. I like these interview segments, this looks like a good show.

  2. what is the deal with the hats?


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