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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Death of a Community

by Amber Michelle

And since that series ended, the community i have come to love and be a part of.. has shockingly dwilndled..



  1. We like to think the community is still alive but in a more fragmented way. True, only a few still huddle around the LG15 site, but you will find us in chat, you will find us on Anchor Cove, you will find us in Level 26, you will find us in BreeFM, you will find us on Twitter and Facebook and Ning ....you will even find us on Google WAVE..........among many other places.

    In fact, we are everywhere

    We will not be stopped


  2. Incidentally LG15 Today still gets 500 visits per day and approx 740 page views per day, so there is still life in the community if you look at it in terms of the extended community and not just LG15.

  3. How many of those views are here for LG15 related stuff? I bet alot come for the non LG articles like the Guild and Web Files and other articles.

  4. Yes but i am going along the lines of this used to e a community centered around LG15, now like Anon says, barely anyone comes here for the LG15 lulz anymore.

  5. We still get views from the hair style story from the first IRC prom.......


  6. Wait Google Wave? Someone must invite me!

  7. I disagree. I am convinced if LG15 came back, all the fans would fire up so fast that the site would die from all the hits. It'll never die...I'm not even a member, but I am very much a fan and I think there are many who don't sign in who still view themselves as part of the community.

  8. Hopefully that means more classic videos from Jamie........ just saying!

    And yes a number of people in the community are now on Google WAVE so as we all get invites to give out hopefully we can get everyone on board.

  9. If you are looking for some of the community sites a lot of them are listed here:


    The Nings are on the left, others are under the Community Sites tab including a link to all the umbrella sites.

  10. that article is an OUTRAGE. I DEMAND DRAMA ERUPT!

    *wipes away a tear*

  11. I have google wave... I just haven't done much with it yet Cause I know too few people with it.

  12. O_O anon, your over dramatic. :P

  13. @JamieNo81 - I am convinced if LG15 came back, all the fans would fire up so fast that the site would die from all the hits.
    -I dont think so. Think about the average age of most original LG15 fans. Now add a few years. People like me are or were in college, we've moved on.

    @MM - Ning site to go with this site? Is that to point another finger at EQAL (ironically for a fan site, you love to do that) or were you just not asked to have a beta site?

    @Anon2 - the blog is very well written in my opinion. I read it 4 times. You can tell she was there.

    @everyone - I have google wave and I can't figure out what to do with it. I have spent hours trying'!

  14. I miss the old days too.


  15. The Ning has been around for a while.

    If we had been invited to try an Umbrella as well we would have but I guess we were not on the A list.

    As you may know we wrote an open letter to Miles back in Jan of 07 about social networking. Shortly after that we started to experiment with Ning with the lonelygirl15 and lonelypirates15 Nings but at that time performance was a bit sluggish. Today Ning is a very robust platform and it is free so it serves its purpose well and it has a lot of functionality that Eqal does not provide with Umbrella.

  16. Incidentally, the group feature of Ning came out (at least in part) from a suggestion we made to what was at that time the Ning creators network after finding out there was no way to create a "group" within the original fan created lonelygirl15 Ning.

  17. if you do not have an umbrella site, how do you know what it doesn't have??

  18. Because we use quite a few Umbrellas and have seen what others have been able to do with them.

    Check them out for yourself and you decide:


    Umbrella has some features that may work for their users but no one so far has done anything that compares remotely to a Ning.

    But hey, if Eqal wants to throw down the gauntlet they know where to reach us and we will give it a try. Only condition is that it needs to be permanent and it needs to be free as long as Ning is free.

    The clock is ticking.... tick tock.......tick tock...

  19. I would keep waiting if I were you.

  20. :):):)

    No problem..... Ning works just fine.....

  21. That article is FOS and you better believe that drama will erupt. fosnews on youtube will be the place to find new videos. That channel was set aside for the very videos and I have so many videos on my computer. Oh and I will do these videos until I die and if I am alive and don't do videos like this, I am miserable and wish to be killed immediately because the community won't die and we will not be stopped. Oh and Milowent could write anything that would wake the dead

  22. I wanted to read the article, but between annoying pop-ups and the author's writing style( Sorry, I can't take it seriously unless the author takes it seriously), I was unable to finish.
    I guess the jist of it is that the LG15 community is dead.

  23. http://lonelyjournal15.livejournal.com

    I can't bring the community back to life or bring the series back, but I did try to finish the story...

  24. Ok...I'm logging into fosnews to upload the video. youtube.com/fosnews


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