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Friday, November 20, 2009

Eye on Life with Kat & McKay

Life with Kat & McKay is a new web series about an age old problem. When Kat meets McKay the oh so dreamy (what? he is) waiter at a local restaurant, they are instantly smitten with each other, much to the chagrin of her BFF, who also had her eye on the strapping young server. As their relationship moves to the inevitable conclusion, that would be marriage – get your mind out of the gutter – they must overcome obstacles and navigate conflicts caused by their well-intentioned family and friends. Will they make it to the alter? Does love really conquer all? Will there be bloodshed?

Life with Kat & McKay is a web series done well. Written, produced, and directed by Sandra J. Payne, the show is a quirky comedy that is not afraid to embrace its ‘feel good’ nature. From the Brady Bunch inspired opening, to the jazzy upbeat soundtrack, the show never strives to be more than what it is, a fun short, entertaining series that focuses on its characters without relying on green screens or gimmicks. Also, the series makes good use familiar archetypes – the spoiled daddy’s girl and the mamma’s boy, the rich family vs. the working class one, making the series immediately accessible and the characters instantly identifiable. In many ways the show reminds me of OzGirl in that it is a simple story elevated by compelling characters. This isn’t to say the characters are as interesting as those on OzGirl, Life with Kat & McKay could really use a Megan; however, the actors do a good job of elevating them beyond their two-dimensional archetypes.

Life with Kat & McKay is a web series that is obviously aimed largely at a female demographic, yet I still found it quite enjoyable. Of course, I’ve been known to enjoy the occasional chic flick; in fact, just this week I watched a film, with an all female cast, a very friendly cast. The series is available on several sites including Koldcast. The individual episodes are rather short clocking in under 5 minutes in length. The series has not received much attention from the major players, so this would be an opportunity to experience an undiscovered gem.

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