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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Greg said...

LG15.com is back up and running. Sorry, we were doing some server maintenance and it took some time.

Yes, we will be using the CC-BY-NC-SA license. We need to put the badge on the site and alter the TOS for LG15.com so it doesn't conflict. We will get to that before Outbreak goes live.

LG15.com is being updated concurrently with all other Umbrella sites.

LG15 is very important to us. It is our first community and the one that has allowed us to continue working in this space and build a company. Unfortunately it doesn't have the same funding as some of our sites, but we do our best. Projects like TSIY are really important and we can't wait for Outbreak.

I would like nothing more than to do EQAL created LG15 content, but I just don't know when that will happen. I don't want to say yes, no, or maybe because Renegade will get mad at me. So I will just say that we personally love LG15 and wish we could produce content for it but can't at this time.

We are working on posting The Last and all other LG15 content over the to the new site. We have lots of work and a small team, so it takes time. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Thanks everyone

stephanie said...
Does the license apply to the videos only or also any screencaps taken from the video? If it's only the former, it should also be the latter since it's a piece of the same material.

greg said...
It applies to the latter as well. All material will be under the CC license.

Original comment: http://lg15today.blogspot.com/2009/11/questions-for-eqal-inc.html


  1. "I don't want to say yes, no, or maybe because Renegade will get mad at me."

    So it's Renegade's fault they never tell us what's going on. ;)

  2. "I don't want to say yes, no, or maybe because Renegade will get mad at me."
    When have I ever preferred unclear stalling over an honest, direct answer?

    Blaming me for your refusal to give a clear answer is one thing. Fair's fair. I blame you for stuff all the time. But don't do so with a justification that evidently goes completely against anything I advocate.


    I had guessed LG15.com was running from the same codebase when they all went down together, but it's good to have a confirmation. Hopefully there won't be any need to wipe it out for updates in the future.

    The importance answer is nice and community-pleasing (props, as usual, for your speaking/writing skills), but leaves out what I actually asked: Will LG15 rise in importance again? Because "very important" isn't worth much if there are months of silence, no updates, no content, and it takes publicity campaigns to get you to talk.
    I mean, even now...LG15.com got randomly taken down with no warning. You knew we were checking your Twitter anyway. What stopped your from just tweeting "Umbrella sites down for server maintenance, will return shortly."?
    Frankly, the status quo is unsatisfying. So what's important is not how you call it, but whether it will get better.

    As for the EQAL-created LG15, independent from what I said above, and ignoring that the answer is not any clearer than those before: Have you considered going a cheaper route?
    And I don't mean cheaper video, even though I do think that would be an option - I mean cutting out videos completely for the moment. Focus on text blogs and tweets. Ireact's LonelyJournal15 had a good response in the community despite being text-only, and Jonas obtaining a cell phone and tweeting is far more credible than being able to hide a camera and a notebook in his cell and filming, cutting and editing vlogs between guard checks.
    Daniel and Reed might forego video uploads because they're on the run, and uploading 50 MB takes far too long, whearas a 50 KB text update is quick to post.

    While it would be a pity to have the series championing online video reduced to text blogs, at the current point of the plot, text-only work can make sense, and if we believe you, it wouldn't necessarily be permanent. In fact, if you think about it logically, the probability you'll find investors for LG15 is far higher when the franchise is alive, than when it's dead...keeping a base level of activity would increase the chance of EQAL being able to make new videos at some point.

    Not to mention that, the longer you wait continuing the story, the less credible the continuation will be. Assuming Lucy doesn't accept nonsense and will go for artificial insemination if Jonas doesn't play along, Maggie would have a two-months-old baby by now, and who knows how many other girls ended up pregnant.
    Plus Jonas and Maggie have been imprisoned and abused for almost a year now...that takes a toll.

    I do think a continuation on the smallest scale would be preferable to no continuation at all, and one writer writing blogs and tweets should be far more affordable than a whole film crew, actors, etc.

    Think about it, please?

    As for The Last...what's the holdup? The necessary scripts should exist from The Resistance's conversion? -_^
    And you don't even have to fix the header link anymore >_>

    Lastly, a follow-up to the Creative Commons question, if I may: Assuming a community member creates a successful work from the CC'd content, would EQAL (on principle) be willing to license the LG15 franchise to the author in the same way as it does with foreign customers, to allow him to turn his work into official, canon material (provided, of course, both parties can agree on a deal), or do you categorically rule that out?

    All in all, I'm happy you replied, but I am, of course, aware that you didn't answer much :P

  3. Some direct and timely answers would definitely be preferable to questions lingering for weeks and months. It is good that Greg took the time to give us some information but it would be nice if we could get all the outstanding questions cleared up asap. Yes the economy is bad and Eqal needs to conserve cash to survive but for a technology company not to be able to present a realistic time line when Jason has already told us "soon" raises a lot of questions about their future going forward.

    Perhaps this would be a good time to have that live chat that you once said you would be willing to participate in. How about it Greg?

  4. "I don't want to say yes, no, or maybe because Renegade will get mad at me."

    In other words, NOTHING except "we're re-launching NOW" would ever make renegade (and others) happy.
    Aint' that the truth.

    In other words, they've moved on to other projects and LG15 isn't on their radar.

    It's over. It's been over. Let it go.

    Goodbye lg15 and lg15today. I'm finally letting it go.

  5. "In other words, NOTHING except 'we're re-launching NOW' would ever make renegade (and others) happy.
    Aint' that the truth."

    Yeah...except for "no, it's dead", "next year", "after Level 26"...you know, any clear, honest answer.

    Of course, had you actually read my posts, you'd know that. But when did facts ever matter to Anonymous?

  6. Greg was obviously making a joke at renegade's expense considering that ren has never (as far as I've seen) written a positive post.
    I don't think Greg has realized what a bunch of snarling, growling monsters they've created. He still thinks you might have a sense of humor.

  7. "Assuming a community member creates a successful work from the CC'd content, would EQAL (on principle) be willing to license the LG15 franchise to the author in the same way as it does with foreign customers, to allow him to turn his work into official, canon material (provided, of course, both parties can agree on a deal), or do you categorically rule that out?"

    Wow at some point I was going to inquire about this scenario. Renegade and I on the same wave length-scary. I think this is something that could resurrect lg15. It would create a situation where a version of the story could always be occurring perhaps even more than one at the same time.

  8. Why do you think you're entitled to an exact answer as to whether EQAL will produce more LG15 content? Greg made it pretty clear: they don't have the funding for it now, but they would like to. So they can't say no, because they want to, and they can't say yes, because the money isn't there right now. That's about the best answer you can expect.

  9. i have to agree with anon above me. you can't expect any more frankness, and its up to the reader to understand what he is saying.

  10. I think we all understand the situation with LG15. However, Ren did have some good points on how the franchise could maintain some continuity on a very limited budget. Heck, I am sure there are a few in the community who would not even mind suggesting a story line and writing the blogs for them. Money is not the sole factor here. You have to have the will and a commitment to the spirit of this creative community and what it is capable of. TSIY was a very generous contribution in that regard but a constructive dialogue could lead to less expensive methods of continuing the mythology while Eqal waits for its big break (and remember this economy may not fully recover till late 2010 - 2012 depending on whose estimates you use.)

    There are also a number of other outstanding questions that a dialogue would be helpful with so once again, why not have a chat and discuss some options?

  11. I think its different to say we want to but we cant because of funding and what greg is saying. Renegade speaks for a large portion of the community who perhaps arent as well known to the creators which i think is great,to be honest if it wasnt for Gade and MM how often would be hear from the creators? All information passed on to us the community about EQAs position on LG15 have been in response to GAde and a few others "bombardment" of questions to the creators... I guess what I am saying is that we should thank Renegade etc for making Greg et al. keep in touch with us. (even if it is with avoidant language and very little content)

  12. What we need most is constructive dialogue between Eqal and the community. While there are still some left in the community who are willing to discuss ideas, who is willing to step up for Eqal? Who exactly is our point person today. Greg?

    It is dangerous to look at TSIY in a vacuum...... we have already seen the results of that. TSIY needs the community as much as the community needs TSIY. However, to see that is the sole solution is not looking at the reality of the current situation.

  13. Renegades vagina looks like fishing tackle.

  14. unless of course Outbreak is good...then our problems will be stifled temporarily.

  15. @Anon: You would look a lot less stupid if you had basic reading comprehension skills. Then again, maybe you do, and that's why there's a distinct lack of quotations and references in your post.
    Makes the building of straw men less obvious.

    Of course, not trying to apply the wrong question to the answers helps, too. But that would be too easy, wouldn't it?

  16. I assume that Outbreak will be very good. That does not mean it will build a community around it. Each time we have a "gap" more people move on to the point where there are few left.

    Eqal could do a lot with very little to keep people around. Building communities is how they sell them self to their investors. So lets start building......or perhaps we should say re-building what is left after the "era of neglect". That will take more than TSIY.


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