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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Special LG15 Announcement - stretchandmayonaise

First, I REALLY want to apologize for the amount of time this took to upload. If there's one thing I want for Christmas, it's better internet.

Second, like i mentioned in the video, I know it's very overdue, but I just wanted to wish Austin the best of luck, and congratulations on winning TSIY2! I also wanted to congratulate Mitch on winning the Peoples vote as well!

Third, I want to thank everyone for all of their support toward LG15: The Order Files. It really means a lot to me, and I really hope you all enjoyed the pilot episode and trailer.

I will have more information for you guys in the coming month!

The Order Files will run as a community video "mini series" from January 3rd to January 10th.


  1. this is fuckin stupid. Either announce it or shut up. Quit making a big deal about a stupid nonexistent announcement

  2. Ouch.... Lol

    All in good time. My upload speed is quite FML today.

    Trust me, I'm angrier than you.

  3. It will get here when the 436 says so......

    ...not a moment before.......

    ..just saying..


  4. Angrier than Anonymous? No, anon is always pissed about something. Even reading a few words in a title that has no relevance to him/her whatsoever pisses anon off. Chances are anon yells at rain and red lights too.
    You may be braver, but you sure ain't angrier.

  5. I am REALLY sorry this is taking forever to upload. It isn't saying error, so it should be up SOMETIME tonight (hopefully). Erggggg.... :-(

  6. We will bump the story back up to the top once it goes live.

  7. What this!? Some one who lost TSiY is...Being not only respectable, decent, and cool but CONGRATULATING the winners? Dude, you're officially awesome, sucky internet or not.

    I am SO watching your show; funding, age, or length regardless. It's refreshing to see some one with some actual tact. That'll get you pretty far in any field, film or not.

    Can't wait to watch.

  8. Lime, that hurts. Deeply. Most of us congratulated Austin when it was announced. I can't speak for everyone, hence why I say 'most.'

    Anyhow, yeah, sounds good Chris. Always nice to see community stuff, and hopefully it'll start the New Year with a bang. You've got my support, for what it's worth.

  9. i didn't thank austin. i created a voodoo doll of him.

    but more lg15 fiction is always welcome, right?

  10. Peter, as far as comments from other series creators, I only saw those that were on the blog, so this may be inaccurate. However, based on the comments here, two creators bashed Austin and his series (jeremy and VenusSpa) and one (you) supported him. That makes the classy people the minority. Of course, Stretch's video would make it even now, but I think Lime's comment is fair considering the ratio of nonclassy/classy people before this post. Doesn't take away from your class though :)

  11. Yay for at least a litle bit of the Order Files!

    Wish it could be a full show. Loved the concept.

  12. The main thing here is that we not let TSIY "non-contest" (not really sure what we should call it) dampen the community spirit for making community videos and community video series.

    From back in the early days we have made videos. More than one person who went on to produce a very entertaining series almost gave up after their first video because of comments made. Yes, comments do sting when you put yourself out there. That is just how it is.

    However, there are just as many that will support what you do, give you advice and encouragement on how to get better and watch as you grow as a writer, producer, director and editor etc etc etc.

    It is not easy and at times a thick skin is certainly required. The key thing is that we not forget our heritage of making videos and remember that LG15 has never been just about the canon. It has always been about the community whether it be snow ball fights on comments or a community video (indie, or derivative) etc etc etc..


  13. Damn, Jeremy sure like to keep the lie going. If it was actually a decent one I might almost respect him.

    I could of sworn at least one other guy congratulated Austin but whatever.

    Anyhow, once again, good stuff stretch. I'm sure the community will be here for you.


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