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Saturday, November 21, 2009

LG15: The last begins to return on LG15.com

LG15: The last has begun to return on the LG15.com Umbrella site: http://www.lg15.com/thelast

Bray: http://www.lg15.com/user_profile/view/10278
Jayde: http://www.lg15.com/user_profile/view/10279
Toni: http://www.lg15.com/user_profile/view/10280
Chas: http://www.lg15.com/user_profile/view/10287
Mitch: http://www.lg15.com/user_profile/view/10288
Sibylla: http://www.lg15.com/user_profile/view/10289
Xavier: http://www.lg15.com/user_profile/view/10290
Leigh: http://www.lg15.com/user_profile/view/10291


  1. Don't you love when EQAL only takes action when the community forces them to by bombarding them with questions?

  2. More than that, Daniel; The Last mysteriously started appearing right after I tweeted screenshots like this one, and created forum threads to prepare the inclusion of The Last through LG15+.

    iow, they waited until the moment they knew that, again, I would show they're full of shit and their supposed oh-so-complicated, long-taking issues only take someone to actually work on them, rather than focusing on Paula Deen, Alicia Silverstone, or whoever it is this week.

    Of course they'll claim my work is entirely unrelated to theirs, but ponder this - why was The Resistance put out in full, with all comments and a finished layout, and The Last was rushed out with not even the episode listing complete, no comments, and only the bare, bare essentials of a design?

    After 51 days of inaction, why rush an incomplete work in progress out now, if not to be quicker than someone else?

    Oh well...saves me a lot of work. I'll likely strip my The Last portion but include the episode list I made in favor over theirs.

    Any other features I should publicly work on? Who knows, maybe they mysteriously pop up on the site right after...

  3. Oh, something else I just realized: Why was I forcefully friended with insignificant one-offs like Agent Whitcomb, but I wasn't auto-friended with the main characters of a canon series, the only LG15 series there was in 2009, and the one which still has an episode left to show?

    When will EQAL stop discriminating against The Last?

  4. It has just been pointed out to me that they, in fact, still haven't put up The Resistance's comments, either. Sorry about that. Guess I was giving them too much credit. My bad. Dunno why I thought they had actually cared enough to preserve the things we did on the site, when wiping it all out a second time is so much easier.

    I'll give them until Tuesday, if there's no significant progress until then, I might just finish up my version of the inclusion and put it out there. Mine is smoother anyway, and will work even better now the /thelast path actually resolves.

  5. Wow renegade is like the greatest thing ever. How do other companies survive without him telling them what to do then taking credit for the stuff that they do?

  6. Ah, yes, Anonymous. I'm sure this is just yet another of EQAL's mysterious "coincidences".

    For 45 days, they did nothing.
    On the 17th, Greg told us "We have lots of work and a small team, so it takes time."
    On the 19th, I posted a very clear preview showing that a single amateur can integrate The Last within a few days, and that integration would be a reality soon enough.
    On the 20th, I registered the comment boards for The Last, leaving a very visible trace of development in the forums.
    On the 21st, EQAL, all of a sudden, with no prior announcement or any word at all, rushes out a half-assed version of The Last's page.

    Yes, Anon, I am very sure that the fact that I demonstrated, once again, that they are full of shit and it doesn't take as long as they claim, as well as the fact that I could have had my own integration running with just another day of development, have absolutely nothing to do with the fact that, after one and a half months of no development, and after making very sure not to make promises just a few days ago, all of a sudden, EQAL is rushing the page out, not even waiting long enough to set up the full video list.

    I am sure they have secretly invested 10,000 man-hours into the development of that page so far, worked day and night for 45 days to get the page into its current stage (unstyled black boxes are HARD!), and it's a complete and utter coincidence it was released just a day before the community would have solved their site issues on its own...again.

    Yes, I'm sure you're 100% right. I should have realized that what I could hack up in 3 days takes professionals one and a half months to code up, and I'm sure the timing is a complete coincidence.

    We all know how often those happen with EQAL, right?

    And I'm sure the fact that they have been working on that for 45 days is also the reason why my integration had the complete list of videos, the correct dates and empty comment boards after 3 days, while they only have two weeks so far. Clearly an entire team of programmers, which has access to the actual database the data was stored in in the first place, takes 15 times as long to produce a sixth of the work a random amateur who has to scrub all the data from the web did.

    It's so obvious that EQAL has been working on this all along!

    I'm sorry, I shouldn't have thought I could deceive the almighty anonymous.

    Clearly EQAL's entire team of programmers has worked 45 days straight to produce a black page with grey lines and copy-paste 9 posts.

    I want to offer my deepest apologies to you, Anonymous, for not seeking your wisdom first, and for believing you would not see through my cheap attempts to point out the obvious.

    Obviously these are just pathetic attempts of mine to play myself up, since we all know how open and honest the Creators are about the site development.

    Like when Miles told the community the header link was complicated issue that takes months to fix.
    Or when he told the community the video overlaying the navbar issue was a "hard to track JavaScript issue".

    Yes, yes. I should just give up my feeble attempts to pretend I actually know what I'm doing, and leave the site in the oh-so-capable and committed hands of the Creators.

    Thank you, Anonymous. Thank you for opening my eyes.
    People like you, who are not afraid to speak out and call things as they are, are the true reason the Creators dedicate their full time and energy to the LG15 community.

    Please don't ever leave us.
    The thought of you not being there to remind us all what an amazing job the Creators are doing is unbearable. We need you, Anonymous!

    What would this community be, without the faceless cowards who do nothing but whining and trolling those who actually do something?


    Thank you, Anonymous.

  7. You don't do anything but complain, even Greg knows has your number. If you hate it so much why don't you leave?

  8. Dude, no one listens to renegade so don't get sucked into arguing with him.

  9. yes, I am sure 18 revisions of the link fix magically spawned as an artificial intelligence out of my complaints.

    Counter-question: What have you ever achieved with your submissive whining and trolling?

    Have the Cs even acknowledged you? Could they even acknowledge you, given that you're too gutless to stand with your name for what you say?

    Whine and bitch all you want, but at the end of the day, you have to face reality just like the rest of us: The Cs don't give a shit anymore. Broad, public action is the only thing that makes them do anything these days.

    What got the header link fixed? Action, not anonymous whining.
    What got the old forums reopened? Action, not anonymous whining.
    What got the community answers about the TSIY rules? Action, not anonymous whining.
    What got FH14's question answered? Action, not anonymous whining.
    What got my questions answered? Action, not anonymous whining.
    What got The Last to finally appear on the site?

    Action. Not anonymous whining.

    People like you, who quietly, happily support the Cs' MO of not giving a shit and never talking to us, are the primary reason they can afford to neglect us the way they do.
    If the community as a whole just stood up and went "WTF?", we might actually get a few clear answers and an idea where we stand and how the future of this franchise and this community look like.

    But noooo, the cowardly little Anonymi are always nice, always cowering for the oh-so-benevolent Creators, praising them for every insignificant deed like actually -gasp!- talking to us out of their own free will.

    People like you, who find it an incredible impertinence to actually go out and establish communications with the Cs, no matter the measures necessary, are exactly the reason after 11 months of no content despite cheap alternatives, months-long periods of no communication, and having publicly admitted they're not planning any new original series, they still get away with wishy-washy answers like "we personally love LG15 and wish we could produce content for it but can't at this time".

    You ask me why I don't leave? Because I actually care for this franchise. Which is why I spend my time taking action, trying to improve the situation by providing site fixes where I can and trying to get some answers in the only way that works these days.

    What's your contribution?
    Anonymously trolling innocent community members, mocking dissenters, and sucking Creator-cock whenever possible?

    Yes, I am sure you are exactly the kind of member this community needs.
    How about you leave? Once we got rid of all the spineless cowards we might actually manage to get our act together, gain some attention, and get enough clear answers to figure out where we are and where to go from here.

    But let me guess - that's unthinkable! :O
    We cannot possibly be upset about them not even talking to us, let alone doing anything to resurrect the franchise.
    We must quietly sit in the dark and pray to the almighty Creators to throw us some crumbs every few months, hoping that maybe, perhaps, some day in the distant, distant future, they might, possibly, grace us with a continuation of The Resistance.

    Get real, background noise. Your way achieves nothing.

  10. I am glad to hear that you agree with me that what this community needs is to support the creators.

  11. Well at least something is being done.
    All this arguing with the anon's is pointless, just don't feed the trolls.

  12. Well im not anon, and i think renegade is really long winded and annoying.. he randomly posts these three thousand worded rants about how much EQAL sucks and how he's the best of the best, nobody can beat you Ren, you know.. if you hate lonelygirl and their team so damn much why don't you just go away? seriously you have never said ONE nice thing about this show, or any of their shows.. and all i've ever seen you do on the forums and on here is complain about how it could have done better, or they could have done better and then proceed to talk for three hours about how they could have done better... or how you could have done it better for them.

    nobody even reads your long novel of comments, if you can call them comments in the first place.. because they're generally supposed to be short and to the point.

    if you don't like eqal, why don't you blog about it.

  13. Okay, I don't know how exactly to explain this to you in simple terms, but I'll give it a try:

    Just because you haven't seen something doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

    The fact that you, personally haven't seen me post something doesn't mean I never did. Were you even around the entire time I've been here? Have you been in three of four incarnations of the official forum? Have you been to every post I commented on, both here and on Inside? Do you ever visit chat?
    In short, did you see anything more from me than a few cherry-picked blog comments?

    Then again, given the ridiculous attempt to somehow conjure up that I "hate lonelygirl15", when, just one post before on the same page, I expressed that I cared not just for lg15, but the entire franchise, and that at least 10 of my dozen recent forum posts were of technical/testing nature and thus complaint-free, one can easily see that you have no idea what I actually post, and just lied together something negative in order to troll.

    The only question that mystifies me is - are you Anonymous, having picked a random nick 'cause I ignored the Anon-post, or are you a new troll, trying to pick up were Anon left off?

    If the latter...consider stopping.

    Anon is way better at it.

  14. Michelle. If Renegade hated lg15 so much he wouldn't put in the effort of creating these long comments. He would not bother challenging EQAL or creating his lg15+ script. He would not bother even commenting or visiting lg15.com or lg15today.
    It is because of his love of LG15 that he hasn't gone away and why he makes these comments. He only wants the best so he does what he can to get it.

    I am glad he does what he does, otherwise what would happen if he didn't. If you don't have a voice how are you going to be heard? I see Renegade sort of like the voice of the community even if some don't wish him to be. He seems to shout the loudest and is most often heard. The fact he is often attacked by anon commenter’s to me seems to indicate that he is having an effect.

    It is sad that is seems having an option on the internet is a bad thing and that you should not criticise and just swallow what’s give to you whole without asking or questioning. Hey, if you want to be like that go ahead.

    Edit: I removed the previous post because of bad spelling, grammar and typos. It is the same comment as this one, except slight better.

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