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Saturday, November 21, 2009

A special 'LG15: Outbreak' preview

A special 'LG15: Outbreak' preview will be released Mid-December. Look for it soon.



  1. sounds like something worthy of an InsideLg15 today post or EQAL tweet as well...

  2. At this point there does not seem to be a lot of coordination between Eqal, Inc and LG15:Outbreak......the latter seem to be on their own for now.

    However, if it is going on the LG15 account one would assume it will go through Eqal and will have the full force of Eqal behind it in terms of marketing as Greg promised.

  3. OMG QUICK AAAAAAAAAAH hype! hype! hype! *runs in circles*

    wait, what?

  4. Well it seems at least someone will be advertising the newest instalment in the TSIY.

  5. It needs a big push so it can use all the help it can get from everyone....... that is the community and Eqal combined with the strength of the production company.

  6. It's clear that he can't keep a promise and how can you get a big push going if nobody believes you are capable of doing it at all?


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