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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Compulsions Episode 8: Promise Kept

In the Season Finale, Justine Davis (Janna Bossier) goes on her retrieval run for the mysterious 'package' while juggling plans with her Boyfriend David (Andrew Clemons) and the urging of her client Bryan (Ping Wu). Craig Frank also stars.


  1. Will these videos be posted on YouTube eventually? I can't get this player to load on my computer.

  2. Like Compuslions? Try the IFC web series Pushing Twilight: "A group of disenchanted twenty-somethings assembles a strange weekly meeting, seeking an outlet for their unfulfilled urges. Daring each other to complete a series of tasks, each participant soon finds themselves going to places - and lengths - they never thought possible. At each gathering, they reveal the stories of their after-hours adventures... But as the tasks become more and more outlandish, and the stakes get higher and higher, the group begins to wonder about the intentions of their mysterious host."


  3. I tell you what. If I was trying to push a series I wouldn't spam it as anonymous.
    I assume that if they can't use a name they must be embarrassed or ashamed of whatever they're promoting.
    Plus, if they're not gonna bother, why the hell should I?

  4. Whatever the reasons for the poster posting anonymously, I will back his/her suggestion up. I actually know the creator of Pushing Twilight and it's a very well-done series.

  5. An interesting show, a lot different from the usual ones. I really felt like the length of each episode was enough and i felt satisfied after each one.


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