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Friday, December 25, 2009

LG15: Outbreak - Coming January 11, 2010


The web series 'Lonelygirl15' returns with an all new season.

LG15: Outbreak

Coming Soon

Tags: lg15 lonelygirl 15 outbreak resistance bree daniel jonastko danielbeast mason crystal will order shentek hymn of one trailer coming soon 01.11.10

Renegade said...
Since the full frontal shot of her just begged to be turned into a wallpaper, here's one:

See links to other sizes in the comments below...

LG15: Outbreak - Coming January 11, 2010 is the second trailer for LG15: Outbreak.


(A dark screen with specks of floating light are shown.)
Crystal: (voice-over) Imagine spending every waking moment of your life doing something you hated. Living a way you despised. Trapped in an endless montage of going from one place to another. Hiding from ghosts of bad memories and broken promises. Running and running, until there is no place else to go. And all you're left with is a room full of Shadows and reminders of the mistakes you've made. And then... Imagine you get the chance to start over.
(The screen blurs to a gray smudge and the words "...IT'S TIME." appear on screen. Shots of Crystal, Mason, and Will, along with interior and exterior shots of buildings flash on screen and the voice-over continues.)
Crystal: (voice-over) To be honest, I have no idea what I've gotten myself into. (Closeup of a hand grapping the bottom of what that person is sitting on.) But what I do know (An exterior shot of a building is quickly flashed, then the screen goes black.) is that everything's about to change.
Text: This January, the web show that started a revolution
returns to the web for a new season.
An 8-Week Interactive Thrill Ride


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  1. I gotta admit, someone is doing some HQ editing there. Very nice.

  2. Where is the dancing pregnant girl? This sucks.

  3. The girl is cute, but other than the promotional claims, I'm still missing any tangible connection to LG15.

    Not to mention that the claim that this is a new season of "[t]he web series 'Lonelygirl15'" is factually incorrect.

    It certainly looks more promising than the previous trailer, but all in all, it still feels detached and estranged from the core franchise.

  4. I hate to say it...but I prefer detached and estranged. The core franchise had a habit of sucking quite hard.

  5. While that is, of course, a question of personal taste an opinion, it raises the question: Why watch LG15, if you thought it sucked hard so far? Your statement reads like "I only like LG15 when it's not like LG15".

  6. yup, that pretty much covers it.

  7. I thought this was an 'Outbreak'?! where are the screaming zombies?????

  8. I see Mason has had to grow out the obligatory facial hair since he is apparently the new Jonas.

  9. it looks good so far. high quality filming, sound i can hear.

    anon and ren can boo hoo all they wish, but so far i find no faults.

    and meta-drama aside, i'd like to watch something for once instead of bitchin about the lack of something to watch.

    are there clues in this video? what is whispered near the end? that is obviously something to figure out. and what is "shentek" in the tags?

  10. Since the full frontal shot of her just begged to be turned into a wallpaper, here's one:
    # 1600px × 900px, JPEG
    # 1600px × 900px, PNG
    # 1920px × 1080px, PNG

  11. All flashy editing and nothing else. If there was a story to speak of it would have been shown.

  12. because as we all know, a trailer needs to have the full treatment jammed into it or the story will have no plot.

    Venus, you lost TSIY. please get over it. :)

    Nobody trashes your show so just lay off.

  13. It doesn't change the fact that Mason danced around giving us a pilot with a "pilot presentation" that showed nothing and now a trailer that shows less.

  14. I like cheese.

  15. I dunno Chris, as Milo pointed out there is some other stuff in the video. We're kinda discussing it in the chat room now. Still don't know what to make of it, but the video isn't completely bereft of data.

    And the editing is pretty. Mason's beard isn't as cool as mine, but I gotta give him an A for effort.

  16. All I'm saying is that he's had 2 chances to show that there's any substance and he's swung and missed twice. Strike 3 and he's done.

  17. Well can anyone explain the "shentek" reference. It is a long tradition of lonelygirl15 videos that the "meat" is in the tags.

  18. I dunno where its at, but I distinctly remember the word shentek in a video mason did just a little while after the tsiy video. it was up for a couple of minutes and then got taken down, but someone posted a youtube rip here on lg15today

    anyway, I like that we now have a show to watch, and it'll get everyone excited again...except for venus spa, who clearly hates happiness.

  19. Are you going for a fallacy record, DownUnder, or are you just trying to publicly establish you and VenusSpa are having a feud?

  20. Come on people its Christmas, can't we put aside the drama til tomorrow?

  21. :):):)

    and yes, "shentek" was in that video that was "accidentally uploaded" and now we see it again...

  22. Better ShenTek then GenTek. Name a fictional story featuring a company called GenTek but didn't involve said company being evil or doing something that goes horribly wrong.

  23. jaz ... even the baby jesus has a difficult time with this crowd, i guess.

    venus ... come on man, just cool it for a bit!


    actual comments:

    and yes, now i remember - SHENTEK was in that up-down mason video a ways back, i think.

    sounds like a company name? a la lifesbloodlabs, etc.

  24. Venus, as a viewer, has a perfect right to criticize the video. The problem is that if you're trying to run a web series company, you can't go around trashing other people's. It's not good business!

  25. And of course I don't mean to trash Venus Spa. Just telling you my opinion. :)

  26. You are a very smart person!

  27. Was that real or sarcasm, Anon? I have to think it's the second one, but sarcasm is very hard to detect on the internet. lol

  28. Hm, as someone who was kinda looking forward to Outbreak, this didn't really impress me.
    I mean it looks like some tweaked and glowy Particular effect, and maybe some Trapcode Shine?
    And the sound design needed some work.

    Honestly, it came across as pretty melodramatic to me.

    I guess these are all just technical things, but, um.. there's not a lot else in the video to comment on.

    Just my opinion.

  29. There's a cute blond girl, what more substance do you need.

  30. A reason for the series being called 'Outbreak'?

  31. If this is so official - like a new season of lonelygirl15 - then why is it not posted on the lg15.com front page??????

  32. It is possible that this pre-show "promotion" lies outside the top secret contract that the winner had to sign. Still, no doubt it will eventually show up on LG15.com.

  33. SHENTEK Inc. is a legit New York-based company specialized in the design and manufacturing of semiconductor components (www.shentekinc.com). If "Shentek" is, indeed, a clue in Outbreak, and if it is the name of a company, the real SHENTEK Inc. may have its feathers ruffled by the association of LG15 with its name. On the other hand, it's free publicity...

  34. Enjoy.


  35. Opinions are fine, but when one has created a webseries and is building a fanbase, it's always best to grow your skin thick and keep any negative opinions to yourself.
    Though there are dozens of web shows out there, the thing they all have in common is the audience.
    Most people who watch webseries watch more than one. When a creator disses another creator, they lose that creator's fanbase.
    Nobody wants to support a whiny little bitch, do they?

  36. *is waiting for the inevitable remixes.

  37. CtrlAltDelete, people still read the webcomic you share a name with, so I think your theory is flawed.

  38. I'm just coming back in town so I will give my opinion of the content of the trailer itself. First off the opening graphic was nice, but then it started to get too long and ended up taking up half the trailer. Now this would have been fine if this graphic had any sort of relevance to the actual plot. ie. Xmen the Last Stands opening with the cure molecules flying all around. But this graphic had nothing to do with the plot as far as we know of and it started to become tiresome to look at.
    The voice over from the main character known as Crystal was okay, but it still gave me the feeling as if she was reading off of a piece of paper with no prior rehearsal of the lines. Also at the when she finished reading her lines it felt as if she wasn't yet finished with her voice over. I felt more emotion with the lines with Maggie's robotic hymn of none voice.

    The cast looks okay, the main character Crystal looks like she will fit well within the typical trait positive universe. Though Mason looks as if he is going to loose is original Mason flare and jump into the broody Jonas characterization. This will be interesting to see how the fans respond. But this Will character doesn't quite do it for me appearance wise. he looks too old for the typical lg15 cast. Even though Jackson was in his 30's he still looked the part of a 20 sumthin. But maybe they are trying to "break" away from the traditional teens versus the world nostalgia.
    Over all it was an "okay" teaser trailer. And I can honestly say I will be there for it's premire on January 11th.

  39. You know what's crazy? I'm reading critical comments from other people who entered the contest?

    All the pilots i saw sucked big time. the winner, this outbreak thing, was the only passable one.

  40. Bad example Peter. I don't know of any webcomic called CtrlAltDelete (I got this nick from the actual keys you press on a keyboard), so I have no idea what kind of negative reactions they may have to other webcomics. You should use an example people would be more familiar with.
    My point is that people will respect a series that's carried out with a quiet dignity. The bitching and moaning doesn't make Outbreak look bad. It makes the bitcher/moaner look bad. I've been getting the impression of a spoiled little brat who holds unfounded animosity because he didn't get his way.
    It'd be best to just shut the heck up and let Outbreak make or break itself. No need to alienate your own fans over it.

  41. CtrlAltDelete gets something like five million views a day, and it used to get triple that. I figured it was a safe example. Whatever, I'll elaborate. The creator of that comic is notorious for lambasting his critics and acting more childish than even the worst of trolls. A bunch of his forum users were banned for simply saying they disliked a controversial 'comic' (I put it in quotes because there was nothing to laugh at).

    Anyhow, yes, complaining will probably change diddly-squat unless enough people do it, but telling people to shut the heck up won't help. Just let them complain and ignore them if it bothers you so much. Plus I think you're projecting a little on the "didn't get his way" part. Criticizing other pilot creators for criticizing the winner doesn't necessarily mean they're pissed they lost, just at who the winner was. I personally don't give a lick, I'm not even pissed at Austin. I am pissed at EQAL from going from happily chatting with the creators and posting info to being as silent as mice. I'm still waiting for the feedback on my treatment. Oh yeah, and I criticized Outbreak because the original video had what seemed like an amnesia plot, and I hate those.

  42. Well, at least we can agree on Eqal, eh?
    I don't know for a fact that VS is whining because he couldn't get his way. All I know is how it looks from here. That's what I meant when I wrote, 'I'm getting the impression.' I'm not sure I 'projected' it, but I did write it.
    If the comics writer is worse than a troll, and he's getting that many hits a day, I'm gonna have to believe they come there for the fight and not the story. If that's the kind of audience he wants then more power to him. Personally I'd prefer loyal fans over pissy children any day.
    On the other hand, if the comic is that good, then good for him. However, I don't think VS (and this is just my opinion) is that good.
    As for Outbreak, I'm gonna have to save my opinion until I've actually watched a few episodes. So far it looks like a lot of flash and little flesh. I'm hoping (for all our sakes) that it turns out to be a great show.

  43. Looks like it's up on LG15.com now

  44. the vid is also embedded on the lonelygirl15 youtube channel as well, which is a good move.

  45. The video description has been change to:


    TSIY Season 2 - LG15: Outbreak

    Coming Soon"


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