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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Random Encounter with a Creator

A short blog post about one man's random encounter with Greg Goodfried on an airplane.

Who the heck is Greg Goodfried? you say…valid question. I actually didn’t know either at that moment. Then Greg starts to tell me about how in 2006 he and his business partner, Miles Beckett, hatched an idea to put a show on YouTube. They pooled a little money, casted for it and found Jessica Rose - a cute, young, unknown, new to LA, girl from New Zealand. They named her Bree and she went under the identity of Lonelygirl15 on YouTube.

The full article is available here.


  1. "Want to guess what their secret sauce is? Yep, Content!"

    wait i thought it was umbrella?

  2. "Who the heck is Greg Goodfried..."


  3. How can their secret sauce be content if they haven't made any content in over a year?

  4. the blind lead the blind further down the sewer of contradiction.

  5. We need voyboy to do his Chris Crocker impression again...

    "Leave Greg Goodfried ALONE!!!11!!1"


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