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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

SafetyGeeks Season Finale

The Season finale of SafetyGeeks:SVI is here. All the mysteries solved, all will be revealed, there will be blood...and cucumber fondling. Warning, if the phrase 'cucumber fondling' did not tip you off, SafetyGeeks is intended for mature audiences and may not be suitable for small children, the Amish, or offices with Internet monitoring software.

In addition, it is recommended that one not stare at Brittney Powell for too long as the mind tends to fixate, which leads to naughty googling. Enjoy the season finale. Dave and Tom will return in Dave and Tom versus the World Crime League.


  1. Now we have a girl about to kiss a guy who doesn't appear to like being kissed by girls and another guy looking at said girls cleavage.

    I liked the other one better.

  2. That is strange, I wonder how that happened.

  3. did you definately like the first one better? ps Budwin Does like being kissed by girls

  4. From a marketing stand point the first one would probably get you more views.

  5. It is an interesting question, What is they hierarchy of the thumbnail?
    I think two girls beats two guys and a girl where as two girls making out equals a Royal straight, well maybe not a straight perhaps a flush. :)

  6. Of course if you wanted a really good thumbnail a shot of Brittney Powell holding that cucumber probably would entice the YouTube clickstabators.

  7. We need a top ten thumbnails of 2009.


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