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Friday, January 1, 2010

Jonas calls for Help on twitter!

Okay I know I'm a little hung over from last night(who isn't) but I felt like this is news worthy. Jonas writes on his twitter status "a little help might be nice" If he is tied to the ceiling how is he typing this message. Some one needs to help him guys! cough* cough* Mason! And FIRRRSSSSTTTT! On being the first poster of 2010 on lg15today!


  1. I do believe the real Jonas account is here: http://twitter.com/jonas_tko

    I think this is a fake.

  2. It is a fake, the real Jonas twitter is in the previous post

  3. i think its real. its a cry for sponsorship to advertisers.

  4. Definitely real, he's recruiting for the Order!

  5. The Order needs sponsors. Those sunglasses don't pay for themselves.

  6. You got it all wrong.
    The Cs told him to comment on The Kind Life or he'd stay imprisoned forever, but he can't figure out the current Umbrella...


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