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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

LG15: Outbreak - Lazy Wednesday (aka Where I Went) - Crystal

Life is boring when you don't have a job, and it's too cold to go outside and do anything. Too be honest, I feel like a pack-rat...like I've been stuck in a hole and left to rot. Maybe it's just the early stages of cabin fever, but for whatever reason, I REALLY wish things would stop being so boring around here.

Read the full post on the show page: http://www.lg15.com/tlc_units/filter/6/747/1

Post on the profile for interactivity: http://www.lg15.com/profile_note/view/10459/77/1

For more links involved in LG15: Outbreak check out our blogspot portal page. http://lg15outbreak.blogspot.com

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  1. It just sucks that I have to sign-up to even read anything on that site.
    Oh well, there are plenty of other shows that don't require such malarky.

  2. CAD...you don't have to sign up at all...it's all available publicly, but for some reason LG15Today keeps linking the blogs incorrectly. They're all up on the main site.

  3. Here is the correct link to read the post. Modelmotion, feel free to change it and remove this post if you like :)

  4. OK to avoid confusion we will go back to posting the "Show" page link.

    Both links are in fact correct. With the Umbrella structure the characters "live inside the web site" and if used according to HG post content to their profile page which then appears "oog" on the show page.

    Hence the link we used was probably better for "interactivity" but seems to have the downside that you need to be logged on to show it.

    The objective of posting the profile page link was to try an encourage people to explore the site rather than just reading the profile page.

    Clearly that is not what people want so we will go back to using the show page (and perhaps in some cases add the interactive link.

    Note that The Last used the early version of umbrella in a different way and used the show page to interact. It is not totally clear yet which approach outbreak will use.


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