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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Miles Beckett said...

In response to an LG15: Outbreak question on LG15.com:

"does anyone know why they are not uploading the videos to the lg15 youtube channel or even the lonelygirl15 youtube channel? it would get like 10 times more views"

Miles Becket said:

"It's much, much easier for new viewers to just go to a different channel for each show on YT. Putting everything on lonelygirl15 was too confusing for new viewers... and we've actually found that the promotional power of YouTube "subscribers" is significantly less than it used to be. It's definitely not guaranteed that a video will get a lot of views if it's on the lonelygirl15 account. The more important component is building a core fanbase on a third-party site, in this case LG15.com, and then to have all of you help by commenting/rating/favoriting the video on YouTube as soon as it goes live. I can't overemphasize this. You guys commenting/rating/favoriting the video obsessively in the first 48 hours after the video goes up DRAMATICALLY improves its view numbers because it helps get it in the "Most" sections for the day. This is actually WAY more important... as a case-in-point check out the first video on the LG15Outbreak channel... 42k views and counting which is incredible for the first video on a new channel. Also, using Twitter and Facebook to promote the post on LG15.com (tweeting/re-tweeting with the link, "liking," etc). We are doing the same thing, and we're also sending and will be sending out updates through YouTube/Twitter/Facebook etc., and embedding the video on all of our YT pages. Finally, building the buzz and getting blogs to write about the show is helpful as well. Thanks to Jenni and Angelique for doing this."



  1. I believe the argument given at the time was that they could not get funding for lonelygirl15 and hence they felt it important to re-brand the show.

    LG15: The Resistance was created on a new channel for that purpose to try and separate it from a show about Bree and define it as a show about the LG15: Universe.

    Since that ended they have used separate channels for each of TSIY, which one would assume is to separate it from their in house productions.

    In terms of views the embed on the lonelygirl15 channel is producing approximately 2500 views per day for LG15: Outbreak.

  2. "We tried to set up a cool experience for producers who before TSIY were making shows without any promotion. We wanted to take one of these shows, or a new show, and give it great promotion."
    ~ Greg Goodfried, February 2nd, 2009

    So if all the popularity is due to the community's interaction with the video, community members writing blog posts, the community (and Austin) tweeting about it (and a core community forming in the first place), and it's not on any of EQAL's YouTube channels, and the subscribers supposedly make no difference anyway...

    ...what, exactly, is EQAL's contribution to Outbreak's popularity?

  3. @Ren One might argue that Miles post is a contribution in promotion via leadership.

    Lead, follow, or get out of the way.

    In the interest of full disclosure, I'm totally self-motivated here.
    My Lucy/prequel will never get off the ground if we don't make sure there is a TSIY3.

  4. So basically, EQAL is contributing to promotion by telling the community "you don't need us, you can do the promotion better yourself"?

  5. To determine how well our marketing efforts are working here (Eqal, the community, Austin etc) simply subtract 2500 views from the daily count because those would be there without any effort other than embedding something on the lonelygirl15 and TR channels. Anything extra can be attributed to the quality of the video etc and marketing efforts.

    Ok, to prove this fully you would need to upload a blank video and embed it on those channels but I seriously suspect it would get 2500 views. Anyone game to try:):):)

  6. honors on ep 1:

    #61 - Most Viewed (Today) - India
    #61 - Most Viewed (Today) - Entertainment - India

  7. wooy

    Go India

    Hopefully the HG post will give it a big boost.


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