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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Web.Files #26 - The Bannen Way

Episode 26 of The Web.Files features Kristyn Burtt’s interview with The Bannen Way's Mark Gaint and Jesse Warren. In addition to discussing the well tread territory of how the show was funded and their reasons for making the series, the interview does not shy away from discussing the recent controversy surrounding Sony’s decision to slip three episodes out early in order to qualify for a Streamy nomination. Also, this episode really went all out employing some snazzy graphics and editing techniques.

The Bannen Way is easily one of the most hyped web series to date. The show stars co-creator Mark Gantt as Neal Bannen, a conman and thief whose definition of the straight and narrow is a little askew. The show boasts impressive production values, a first rate cast, and a slick story. If that isn’t enough to peek one’s interest, each episode is also packed with an assortment of beautiful women including co-star Vanessa Marcil and Jesse Warren’s wife, Autumn Resser who plays an assassin named Jailbait.

Check out The Bannen Way exclusively on Crackle.


  1. I have to say I think this might be the best episode to date, they really stepped up the production values, which I guess is fitting given the subject of the interview.

  2. As I was commanded to comment I will say that I like these interviews. Also, the show is probably one of the few web shows I've watched and liked. Kristin Burtt does a great job with her interviews.

  3. Hello,

    Was just browsing through google and found this forum figured I would sign up and wish you all a happy new years.

    Have a good 2010 !!

  4. Forget about the graphics, those are some nice gams.


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