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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Has Getcookin with Paula Deen been taken by the 436?

For the past few days speculation about what happened to Getcookin with Paula Deen, which was hosted on Eqal's Umbrella software, has been growing. The answer seems to be a simple name change for the umbrella site.

Original site: http://getcookin.pauladeen.com/

Before going "dark" Paula Deen posted on Feb 3, 2010:

" Many of you have been wondering why I haven't made any new dishes on Get Cookin' this year. We're not stopping, we've just been busy with some new projects that you will love! We are working on exciting new content for the website, and I promise to share it with you next month."
Discussion on Anchor Cove: http://forum.anchorcove.net/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=2275&p=18444#p18442

New site: http://cookingclub.pauladeen.com/

In what we assume is unrelated news "Paula Deen Abruptly Cancels Six-City U.S. Tour, Blames Promoter"



  1. The log in to the new site seems to be the same but the old content seems to be 436 ..... at least for now. Or, is it hidden somewhere?

  2. Has anyone else been having problems getting notifications on Umbrella......... as in NOT getting them?

  3. The old stuff seems to be there. For example:


    But the episode links seem to be broken.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Paula show is on Hiatus.

    EQAL will be doing something way different and cooler for the site.

  6. Apparently 436 wants it's own personal chef.

  7. So if you're not affiliated with EQAL, but constantly keep talking for them...does that make you their Unofficial Spokesperson?

  8. Don't get me wrong I like Paula Deen and lord knows she keeps cardiologists everwhere in business, but I don't think her key demo is looking for a "way different and cooler"... imo

  9. Thanks Seth, I mean TJ.. for that insightful reply about what EQAL is doing w/ the Paula Deen site. Next time you decide to be a spokesperson for a company the way you have been, why not negotiate some sort of contract? I'm sure you would make a lot of money considering your background at making several different persona's for yourself.

    btw, you've been busted asshat!

  10. FP, i dont know what your talking about.

  11. Hey everyone,

    Get Cookin' is on hiatus and we replacing for now with our new project with Paula called "Real Women of Philadelphia." It is going to be awesome. For details, click on the Real Women of Philadelphia graphic on PaulaDeen.com. If anyone here likes to cook, I strongly urge you to participate as the rewards are HUGE!


  12. i really thought "Greg's" post above was a fake until the newest post shows the logo.


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