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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How to make the jump from the Web to the Tube

Remember when I told you the future of TV was international?

Read the full post: http://daisywhitney.com/newmediaminute/how-to-make-the-jump-from-the-web-to-the-tube/


  1. I guess this is good for the Creators involved but it perpetuates my assertion that most web series are too lame to make it on even the lowliest (US) cable channels.

    As long as they keep producing such sub-standard content, they will never be taken seriously as a genre in an of itself.

    A farm league for foreign TV is hardly the New Art Form... Bah!

  2. I think the stuff that tends to work well as a web series is quirky and different from anything on TV. That is where the real opportunity lies. Not in trying to run after a market where you do not have the budget or marketing to compete. Make short form episodic entertaining compelling content and build your audience.


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