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Friday, February 12, 2010

OzGirl Turns One


This week marks the one year anniversary of the launch of OzGirl, the Australian webseries, which still stands as a paragon within the web TV space. The series, which starred Sophie Tilson, Shanrah Wakefield, and Richard Askin, was produced on a shoestring budget by then 19 year old film student, Nicholas Carlton. The show went on to win both the best acting and best webseries awards at the Independent Television Festival, which was held in Los Angeles back in August. So far the fate of season two remains unknown, I heard there are a couple of guys in New Zealand who are still holding their breath... those Kiwis have amazing lung capacity.

Currently, Nick and Sophie are working on a new webseries. They recently finished shooting a 15 minute pilot and hope to go into full production later this year. Also, Nick recently celebrated his twentieth birthday. After OzGirl wrapped, Shanrah Wakefield moved to Los Angeles, where she was immediately adopted by a band of gypsies otherwise known as the web TV community. Also, she recently saw a real live raccoon. Richard Askin, who played George, never friended me on Facebook, so I have no idea what he is up to; however, I assume it involves the consumption of large quantities of alcohol and trained Kangaroos.

For those who have never seen OzGirl, now would be a good time. Well, actually a year ago would have been better, but that would be a poor use of a time machine. OzGirl was one of the best webseries of 2009, a fact that, hopefully, Streamy voters will officially recognize in April. Congratulations, once again to the cast and crew for making a really remarkable series.


  1. so does this mean there won't be a season 2?

  2. YAY thankyou!! What a lovely post :) (ps - raccoons are really bad at running.. who'd have thought?)

  3. One of the stars stopped by, that is so cool.

  4. @Anonymous we're still thinking about Season 2, don't rule it out yet!

    @Mathieas thanks for this write up! looking forward to showing you the new series soon.

  5. Someone around here really likes Oz girl. There are more stories about it than the Last or Outbreak.

  6. Oh thanks Nick. Hope you guyz can pull it off!!!!

  7. Hey Nick no problem, always happy to write about OzGirl. Honestly, I'd do a story a week on it if I could.


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