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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Problems With the Eqal Umbrella Upgrade???

Last night Eqal upgraded their Umbrella Software. Early today we began to hear reports of errors in the LG15: Outbreak lay out. Now it appears that the problems are a bit more extensive and vary from browser to browser as can be seen with LGPedia with the Firefox browser: http://www.lg15.com/lgpedia/index.php?title=Crystal

What have you observed? What problems are you having? Leave a description of the problem in a comment, a link to the page with the problem and possibly a screen shot of the problem. We are sure that the gnomes of Eqal will be only too happy to have the feedback.

mbeckett said...
Yes, there are a couple very minor CSS issues on LG15 and some other sites. On LG15 the backgrounds of each of the show pages are displaying the homepage header image file which they shouldn't be doing. We'll fix this and the other CSS issues on Monday.

The LGPedia issue has nothing to do with the Umbrella upgrade and has been there for awhile. I think it's only in Firefox, but let me know if it's also in IE (it's fine in Chrome). It's something we need to get to, but unfortunately we haven't had time and since it doesn't affect functionality of the LGPedia it keeps getting bumped. We'll get to it eventually.

If anyone notices any problems with sites, feel free to email us at [email protected].


  1. Looks fine in chrome to me. =]=]=]

  2. If you link a screen shot make sure you give the browser that was being used. The OS is probably also helpful. The more detailed the info the quicker they will be able to nail down the problem.

  3. It looks the same as in the screenshot, in chrome.
    But i don't think it's new, i remember it being like that since they ported the pedia over.

  4. This shows the originally reported layout issue for LG15: Outbreak which one would assume will be a quick fix.


    Browser: Safari
    OS: OSX, Snow Leopard

  5. Yes, there are a couple very minor CSS issues on LG15 and some other sites. On LG15 the backgrounds of each of the show pages are displaying the homepage header image file which they shouldn't be doing. We'll fix this and the other CSS issues on Monday.

    The LGPedia issue has nothing to do with the Umbrella upgrade and has been there for awhile. I think it's only in Firefox, but let me know if it's also in IE (it's fine in Chrome). It's something we need to get to, but unfortunately we haven't had time and since it doesn't affect functionality of the LGPedia it keeps getting bumped. We'll get to it eventually.

    If anyone notices any problems with sites, feel free to email us at [email protected].

  6. The LGPedia issues are new. It wasn't until today that this happened.

  7. This is a long standing issue but if you are not signed in you see:


    Why does it say "edit response"? You cannot even leave a comment if ur not signed in. If you enter text and hit it then u go to the log in screen and if you log in ur comment will be lost. Why is the comment box even there? It just makes no sense?

    Why Tyler, why?

  8. I've noticed font sizes have been changed and it also looks as though the templates you are using are a bit smaller.. While this alone does not cause a problem, it does when you are looking at pictures on someones profile. Pictures of a certain size in a landscape orientation overlap areas they once did not overlap. Minor problem but something you might want to look at.

    One example is http://www.lg15.com/photo/view/10099/38/247/1
    see how the picture over laps the line separating the picture from the comment box.

  9. I should also state that I am using FIREFOX on a computer running VISTA

  10. two minor irritations rather than problems:

    http://twitpic.com/11t6wc - the user icons don't line up properly like they did before the upgrade. Make the page look sloppy. Is this due to a font change or page layout change?

    http://twitpic.com/11t7hw - the fonts obviously changed here, the text looks more condensed and really tight. Maybe its the fact that I have imperfect vision that causes the irritation in the smaller (or condensed) font here.

  11. I know EQAL isn't very good with timeframes, so I don't know what Miles means when he says "a while", but I visit the pedia fairly frequently, and the time I took that screenshot earlier was the first time I saw that issue.
    ...and I'm pretty sure my last lookup was yesterday, or the day before.

    Really Miles...after lying about the complexity of The Last's header issue, and lying about the nature of the video-overlaying-userbar issue, this is the third time you are blatantly lying to the community about a technical problem with the site.

    At which point do you realize it just doesn't work?

    More importantly, let us assume you were right for a second. Let us assume that problem had indeed persisted for a while.
    That would mean the pedia layout was royally fucked up for a while, EQAL knew about it, but decided not to fix it until the community complained.

    ...how exactly is that better?

    "Oh no, we didn't fuck that up today, we already neglected that for a while!"
    Great excuse.

  12. The KateModern page seems to have the same issues as LGPedia when viewed with Firefox:


    This seems to be related to the "wrapper bar" at the top of the page.

  13. Gah...blogger really needs an edit function.

    I'd like to add that MediaWiki marks links to non-existent pages through coloring them red. So contrary to Miles's claim that functionality isn't affected, this actually makes it impossible to quickly distinguish between links to existing pages and links to editing pages - necessitating extra effort from the editors to identify missing pages, and leading unsuspecting readers into confusing run-ins with editing pages for pages that don't exist yet.

    It also (as that very screenshot shows) makes it impossible to read the sidebars unless the pedia editors accommodate for EQAL's fuckup and change the sidebar style.

    So EQAL's change made information on literally thousands of pages unreadable, and negated an ages-old, traditional feature of the MediaWiki software.

    ...but Miles says it doesn't affect functionality.

  14. You know, it was fine earlier today on Chrome. But now it looks just like the other browsers.

  15. One can only assume that because this was an "umbrella update" it was not fully tested on LG15.com which has some unique features.

    Hopefully this situation will be resolved quickly now Eqal is aware of the problems, especially LGPedia.

  16. Frankly I'm shocked anyone goes to lg15.com, especially when you can just watch the videos on youtube.

  17. Well one of the main issues here is LGPedia which is clearly a very unique resource and one that really should have been tested out. The problem seems to come from the way all the components are held together with the top bar since a similar problem does not exist on HGPedia. Tyler probably just forgot about that.

  18. Oh the problem also exists on insideLG15.

  19. Wait, didn't they say they were going to work feverishly all weekend to make sure all issues with the upgrade were dealt with before Monday? But now we have to wait until Monday before the issue is even looked at?

    Again with the promises you don't intend to keep...

  20. For some reason they stayed up to 7am PST on Sat morning to get it up and running.

  21. Nope Miles the issue does occur on Chrome and has been for quite a while. Since moving over to umbrella it has been like that.

  22. So Miles says this has happened for a while, only on Firefox, not in Chrome.
    I, on Firefox, have not seen it before yesterday.
    FH has not seen it before yesterday.
    Jordan has not seen it before yesterday, on Chrome.
    Kindred says it has appeared for a while, in Chrome.

    so it's
    Yesterday: 3
    A while: 2
    with Miles being wrong on the browser selection in either case.

    Luckily, as diverse as the opinions on the appearance and the spread of issue seem to be, the fix is easy: All EQAL has to do is deactivate http://static.lg15.com/themes/resistance/css/theme.css on LGPedia. Since that stylesheet was designed for Umbrellas anyway, removing it completely restores the MediaWiki style to its previous state, with no negative effects.
    The only remaining issue would be the lack of style on the elements EQAL forced on the page, but since those look crappy at the moment as well, we'd go from crappy wiki + crappy eqal to only crappy eqal - which is better than nothing.

    As with The Last's header issue, this is a single change in a single link, so on principle, it should be doable within minutes.

    Should EQAL indeed decide that investing 5 minutes to write a conditional to deactivate a single element is too much of an effort to fix a site they negligently broke through dilettantish usage of stylesheets, I will add a fix to the Greasemonkey script, so that at least regular visitors are not impeded by EQAL's incompetence.

  23. Miles, it's happening in my Internet Explorer as well. But honestly, I think we need to cut EQAL some slack on this one.

    I could be completely out of line here, but don't all website upgrades have little problems? I think it's okay if they take a couple of days to sort some stuff out.

    However, if this problem is still here in, say, 2-3 weeks, then I think we should be worried.

  24. You're right, snl, they should be given SOME slack, since they at least claim to be looking into it.

    However, I'd like to point out that website upgrades traditionally don't have "problems" other than complaints about the changes, do to rigorous testing in a proper test environment for at least a few weeks before rollout. I'd like to give them the benefit of the doubt on this one, too, but I find it hard to believe that someone wouldn't have noticed any of these problems if a test environment were being utilized.

  25. I have faith on them for this one. I think before we critize (excuse my mis-spelling of that word), we should wait a few days. Who knows? Maybe they'll follow through on their promise. And besides, we need to be a little patient. Umbrealla is new, so there are bound to be little problems here and there. Just my two cents. :)

  26. I am sure they will get it fixed quickly when they get back to work on Monday

    What is more surprising is that a software tech company would do a major upgrade and then just take the weekend off. One has to question Miles lack of judgement on that one.

    Ok, they did work all night to install the upgrade but thats what you do when your a tech company. But what you also do is plan for the unexpected and Eqal did not do that.

    If Dr. Miles was operating on a patient would he just have the hospital staff take off for the weekend in the hope that no issues would arise? Ok, a web site is not for the most part a question of life or death but you see the point.

  27. I'd like to order a sandwich with bacon please.

  28. SNL...if you believe Miles, this problem has already existed for a while, and they consciously chose not to fix it.

    And as I said, it is, again, a single link that's the problem. In all probability, had Miles invested the time he took to write his post into actually fixing the issue (or delegating that task), it would be gone by now.

  29. As a future tip: I know EQAL is "new" to this whole thing of being a software company, but it is standard practice to roll out major updates on Monday or Tuesday to make sure there are enough people around to handle any issues that may arise.
    (Microsoft chooses Tuesdays in particular so they have an additional day to rush out any last minute patches.)

    Also, it might be worthwhile to look in to proper QA procedures. Hell, you guys may already do that and have just overlooked a lot, I don't know. But well-documented QA testing helps alleviate 90% of the problems we had with this roll out.

  30. /me Hands Apo a sandwich with bacon...

  31. Thanks for finding these problems. We'll take a look at them and fix them when we get to LG15. Right now we are fixing design issues on "The Kind Life" and fixing functional bugs that affect all sites.

    By the way, Twitter still goes down whenever they have a big traffic load... they just went down during the Super Bowl. They have hundreds of developers, over 100 million dollars in financing and are valued over 1 billion dollars. Facebook's API is terrible and returns non-sensical data and goes down randomly at whim. YouTube shut down randomly almost weekly before they were acquired by Google, and they still have problems with video processing times and their view counters. Given that we have a team of only a few developers and one front-end coder, I think we're doing a pretty good job. Nothing is perfect, but we are improving every day.

  32. While Miles is busy trying to talk their team of monkeys up, a little shot of reality:

    http://static.lg15.com/themes/lg15-lonelygirl15/css/theme.css line 1463 defines the correct lonelygirl15 background.
    http://static.lg15.com/themes/lg15-lonelygirl15/css/theme.css line 2769 defines the wrong one.
    http://static.lg15.com/themes/theresistance/css/theme.css line 1460 defines the correct The Resistance background.
    http://static.lg15.com/themes/theresistance/css/theme.css line 2761 defines the wrong one.

    The pattern repeats for all the other themes...in fact, there is a helpful comment just before the wrong background definition:

    In other words: Over the weekend, one of EQAL's oh-so-brilliant and talented developers went around and fucked up the custom themes for every series, file by file, by needlessly, stupidly, appending the global LG15 main page style to each custom theme's style.

    If it was a single, globally included file with unintended side-effects, that'd be one thing. Silly bug. Should still have been caught, but it happens.
    But it wasn't.
    This was a deliberate act.
    Somebody went through and overrode all styles, disregarding any kind of logic or common sense, and either didn't bother to check the result, or ignored the glaringly obvious issues on all series pages.

    No matter if it was stupidity, negligence, ignorance or apathy - the fact remains that this was an obvious, foreseeable effect, and that there's no excuse for putting it live like that.
    ...except, of course, for "we didn't give a shit".

    So please, Miles. As long as your team of typists can't even get basic HTML+CSS right, and randomly screws up production sites with retarded moves they should realize make no sense at all...do not compare yourselves to web behemoths like Twitter, Facebook or YouTube - there is a big fucking difference between Twitter going down under the load of millions upon millions of users, and your monkeys being incapable of even using a goddamn <ul>-tag correctly.

    And again, the fact remains: Had you invested the time you spent here trying to relativize the incompetence of your developers into fixing the pedia CSS issues, the problem would already be gone. I know it, because I did it. A single <link> element, adding http://static.lg15.com/themes/resistance/css/theme.css to the site. Just turn it off, and the problem is gone.

    Your continuous refusal to do even such a minuscule thing for the community speaks volumes about your honesty when you step out and proclaim your love and support for it.

    For those interested, Beta 2 of LG15+ v4 is up. The additional unfriend links don't work yet (it's beta for a reason), but it does restore previous functionality like header/navbar toggle, video overlay fix, etc. on the current engine version, and it reverts most of EQAL's retarded destruction from the weekend (including fixing the pedia layout), so I thought people might have some use for it despite its beta-ness.
    If you find issues, report them through the usual channels, please.

  33. Thanks for the LG15+ upgrade Ren.

    I honestly thought Eqal would have the problems fixed first thing Monday. I do not know why Miles needs to be so defensive about this stuff. It does not seem like this stuff would take Tyler long to fix and the changes on the other sites are relatively slow so clearly they are not that urgent.

    Still it is Miles company and if his investors are happy with the way he leaves issues like this unresolved then I suppose there is little we can do about it other than use LG15+. So far the beta test is looking nice.

  34. The title of the most recent video "Wishful Thinking" does not provide a unique URL for the video. This appears to be an Umbrella issue because the same thing happens on LEVEL 26.

  35. renegade needs a job and/or someone to start paying more attention to him.

  36. Lets not forget about TJ.. he is feverishly trying send out some good PR vibes for EQAL!

    * TJ Marsh — 6 hours and 25 minutes ago

    I assure you that EQAL is working non stop to get these errors fix.
    The best way to pass this on, A message from Miles(EQAL: CEO) word is, send a email to [email protected] if you notice any bugs from the update.
    Best i can say.

  37. sounds a little more helpful than evil retard trying to give css notes in the comments here about a platform he knows literally northing about.

  38. So.. TJ's comments on a company he has no affiliation with and likely has absolutely no idea what the hell he's talking about are better than Ren's helpful comments on CSS which he has verified would fix the problem?

    Right. I love how anons gang up on Ren for little to no reason.

  39. Anon, if you have tried LG15+ and saw that it fixed the problems in Eqals own software you would not be saying he knows nothing about the platform or the problem. Perhaps if Tyler would actually listen to what is being said here the problems in the platform would actually get fixed rather than just procrastinating issues that are clearly not that difficult for a programmer to resolve.

    Clearly its up to Miles as CEO to determine what is most important for his company but when a company leaves loose ends just hanging it usually does not end well.

  40. im going to say this again.

    MY friendship with any company's is not anyones concern.

    Also. i do know what i am talking about, thank you very much.

  41. The header image issues seems to be fixed at least in Safari.

    I still get a missing image:


    And the Wishful Thinking "link" still defaults to the LG15.com home page rather than the unique link for that post.

    The LGPedia issue remains unresolved.

  42. When I start my own company, please remind me to have TJ be a "friend" of my company so he can speak on "my behalf"

  43. Either you ARE or ARE NOT affiliated with the company. You can't tell us that?

  44. But full disclosure would ruin the illusion of some semblance of being in the know.

    I'm really surprised EQAL hasn't contacted TJ about making statements like this, though, because I know for a fact that they only want a few people making "official" statements, and they most certainly point these people out beforehand.

  45. I am not a PR for EQAL, i simply believe that what they are doing is amazing and ill stand behind them 100%

    I simply work on publicity for a particular product or service through PR tactics rather than using advertising.

    And i do this, because word spreads faster that way.

    I have never claimed/or said to be a PR for EQAL, thats your judgement.

    Even so, like i said, not your concern.

  46. You are obviously doing a great job at whatever the fuck it is that you pretend to do.

  47. Tj...are you saying that you are the only one who thinks EQAL is amazing, and who stands behind them?
    Sounds like you're just another one of the community tbh...

  48. @TJ: Is that why you are credited or trying to get credited as a "presenter" for The Resistance?


    Yes, we've known that for a long time, and yes, I have screenshots. Don't bother trying to cover it up.

    Question is, how many more dubious answers from you and non-denial denials from EQAL does it take until you two give us a clear, honest answer on your relationship?

  49. "how many more dubious answers from you and non-denial denials from EQAL does it take until you two give us a clear, honest answer on your relationship?"

    when you say YOU TWO do you mean EQAL and TJ or do you mean TJ and Seth? (because the one is plural and the other is singular)

  50. TJ and EQAL...I'm not supporting TJ's MPD.

  51. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:LG15:_The_Resistance

  52. What's your point?
    - are you saying that your claim has been disputed a while ago, and you still keep it up?
    - are you saying that it is known your claim is bogus, yet you still keep it up?
    - are you saying that it's proven your claim is correct, yet you're still trying to appear distanced from EQAL?

    Are you officially being credited as the "presenter" of LG15: The Resistance or not, TJ?

  53. Look, TJ, here's what it boils down to: if you aren't affiliated with EQAL in any way (which you thankfully admit now), why are you saying that you know what goes on behind closed doors? They could be eating baby corpses, and you'd continue defending them without knowing whether what you're claiming is true or now. WHY?

  54. Wow, you worked on AVATAR? thats fuckin amazing!

  55. I am not a presenter of EQAL, and i was not involved in that show.

    So toy with my name all you want.

    I am done with this topic. i have said to much.

    And me and SETH are two different people, anyone that has talked to me or Seth know the deference.

    But i sent another request for the removal. hell if you want proof provide me a email and ill foreward it to you.

  56. EDIT: Since I seem to have confused Jordan, I'll clarify: I don't think EQAL is eating baby corpses. That's gross. My point was that anything could be going on in their offices; no one knows. And yet TJ keeps presenting it as though he does, indeed, know what's going on over there.

  57. "I am not a presenter of EQAL"
    That was not the question, doubly.
    "and I was not involved in that show"
    And Bill Clinton didn't "have sexual relations with that woman".

    Would you do us the favor of phrasing, once and for all, "I was not the presenter of LG15: The Resistance"?
    Just to remove the doubt?

    Then again, one has to wonder why your IMDb profile was updated for Avatar, but your Resistance info wasn't removed.
    Or why the admin would ignore your request for removal.

    ...or how that info ended up there in the first place.

    I mean, who goes out and pretends random people held ridiculous pseudo-positions on tanked web-shows?

    That's about as ridiculous as stealing other people's laptops and faking their death on random web communities.


  58. Renegade, im going to tell you once.

    I did not put that on my IMDB page. I have just sent it foreward to Miles and the team.

    So, go make some more beta's instead of missing with information about me, and posting crap everywhere.

    Thank you.

  59. No, thank you for continuing the cycle of refusing to give a clear, definite answer to the question.

    It's a simple thing. You could just have copy-pasted my line and hit submit, and the topic would be over.

    I'll leave the conclusions about why you would try to cop out with a non-denial denial, and then try to skirt the issue, to the others themselves.

  60. TJ, do you know what plagiarizing is?

    better check your "New Media Corp" MISSION STATEMENT on youtube and then compare it to this..

    You sure do have a knack for stealing, don't you! (don't go changing it now, its been preserved)

  61. Aww, you scared him!

    Now he's clearing house...

  62. too bad its all probably been SAVED by now!

  63. This comment has been removed by the author.

  64. http://www.livestream.com/thetruth2010

    I will answer questions, right now.

    Will be on tomarrow as well to continue, 3 PM PST.


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