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Monday, February 8, 2010

Verizon Wireless censors 4chan: TechVi Now Morning Edition

Users of Verizon Wireless cannot reach 4chan, the iPhone's latest OS is now jailbreak-friendly, Google explains why they ran a Super Bowl ad, and more on TechVi Now. Distributed by Tubemogul.

Verizon Wireless explicitly blocking 4chan?

Verizon Has Blocked Access To 4chan, But What Are They Gonna Do About It?

"After an hour and a half on the phone, we've received confirmation from Verizon's Network Repair Bureau (NRB) that we are "explicitly blocked.""



  1. Does Verizon have any idea what they have just done?

  2. I doubt 4Chan has the ability to take down Verizon. But considering it's just Verizon wireless subscribers, this is probably just a technical problem and not a censorship thing.

  3. Jeffrey Nelson, a "PR guy" from Verizon, confirmed the blockage via Twitter. "2 of 4Chan affiliates were staging for attacks," Nelson wrote, adding that the attacks had stopped. "They're green-lighted for tonight's network update."


  4. Update 1:51 p.m. PST: Verizon posted this statement on the company's policy blog:
    "Recently, Verizon Wireless security and external experts detected attacks from an IP address associated with the 4Chan family of web sites that was disruptive to our customers and our network. To protect both, we eliminated connectivity to the IP address. At no time was 4Chan itself blocked. Ongoing network security team monitoring has now determined there is no longer an immediate threat. Connectivity to those sites is being restored later today.
    "Typically, these attacks involve someone sending hundreds of thousands of messages to wireless devices to round up active customer addresses for follow-up activity including hacker attacks. These 'sweeps' can jam our network and deliver unwanted electronic messages that also can drain customer devices' battery life and slow their operation.
    "We take being the nation's most reliable wireless network seriously. Seriously enough to protect our customers and our network from malicious attacks, even if we get dinged in the blogosphere. It's easy to complain about 'blocking' when your wireless data connection is stable, fast and reliable. But try connecting to the web from your Droid or Blackberry when attacks slow - and potentially block - use of our network all together.
    "We monitor against attacks and potential attacks to ensure the integrity of the Verizon Wireless network. Our customers expect nothing less."


  5. Makes sense to me. We block 4 or 5 sites a week that try to attack us. And my company isn't even that popular. But don't tell my boss I said that.


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