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Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Web.Files #31 - Elevator

On this week’s episode of The Web.Files Kristyn Burtt takes a ride with the team from Elevator. Creator Woody Tondorf discusses the inspiration for the series those would be budget and time, while cast members Ben Pace and Genevieve Jones offer insights into the creative process. Judging by the interview, they clearly enjoy working together. Also, Woody mentioned that they are gearing up to produce the final season of the series and are planning to go out with a bang. All-in-all this was another great interview with an engaging cast and a bubbly host.

Elevator is a webseries that defies convention. While the early episodes dealt with traditional office elevator situations, recent episodes have included vampires, werewolves, spacemen and a magically conjured Jackie Jandrell… that was pretty hot. The series was acquired by The Break last year as part of its acquisition of HBOlab, which produced the series. In December, The Break decided to discontinue production of the series; however, due to a deal Woody Tondorf struck with the company, he retained access to the show’s YouTube channel and has been releasing the last officially produced episodes while planning for one last round of production.

Also, check out the most recent episode of Elevator - The Bad Touch with Jessica Rose.


  1. Bad things are always happening to Bree in or around elevators.

  2. they should have tossed a smoke bomb into the elevator.

  3. Great idea doing the interview on the elevator!!!!!!!


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