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Sunday, February 14, 2010

When will LGPedia be fixed?


In a recent post regarding problems with the Eqal Umbrella update it was noted that LGPedia on LG15.com had a problem. That problem has still not been fixed and fans are beginning to ask how long it will take Eqal to solve this relatively simple problem.

When first reported Miles Beckett, CEO of Eqal, Inc. commented that "It's something we need to get to, but unfortunately we haven't had time and since it doesn't affect functionality of the LGPedia it keeps getting bumped. We'll get to it eventually".


  1. And as it was pointed out in that previous thread, contrary to Miles's claims, it does, in fact, affect functionality. To quote from chat a few minutes ago:
    * Shiori stabs the Pedia's "new" CSS for not allowing her to tell if her links are broken on sight
    Needless to say, the less-than-five-minutes-fix has also already been supplied in the previous thread, and this issue could've been fixed a hundred times over by now...

    But I guess when the programmers are working on the site anyway to implement a global new url scheme, adding a single conditional to a global include is just too much to ask.

  2. Hopefully this is an issue we can now get fixed quickly given that it is a relatively simple fix.

    And yes the claim that it does not affect functionality is clearly misleading so it is important that the problem be resolved in a timely manner.

  3. So...is EQAL EVER going to figure out that they can't make sites worth a shit? They need to stop trying to be content hosts. They need to get back to producing content. Because no one wants to HOST their content on piss-poor site designs.

  4. Well they do have some high profile clients. The question is what additional value does umbrella provide. Currently most of the sites are used more like blogs than like social networks. That could of course change over time as they build up their feature set. Time will tell. However one of the factors clients will be looking at is how quickly Eqal fixes problems. So, for now, lets get LGPedia fixed since it will probably take no more than 10 minutes to fix and it will at least show Eqal is competent at fixing existing issues.

  5. (special anonymous tipster)

    Here's a REAL strategy: just keep retweeting FH14's tweet OVER AND OVER from different accounts.

    Nothing will generate a response faster than EQAL seeing their business name jammed with tweets about site bugs.

    They'll do anything and everything they can to address the issue then, so the bad press will stop.

    If 50 tweets suddenly went out with @EQAL in them, expressing distress at piss-poor service, they'll be forced to start talking, or risk having their name as an internet-media company dragged through the mud of cyberspace.

    In short, quit complaining on a blog that their potential customers will never read: take it mainstream and hit them where it hurts: their wallets.

    (You're welcome in advance.)

  6. you pick and pick and pick until you find something worthy enough to 'write about' - no one fucking cares about LG Pedia or the 2 of you.

  7. all of this is basically a favor to you guys. all of it. and you act entitled to the world. I wouldn't go out of my way (which is what they have to do), to appease you. you're truly awful people.

  8. A favor? Eqal got 5 million in Venture Capital in part because a lot of loyal followers went from project to project promoting them. Lonelygirl15, KateModern.... Ring any bells. We went on to support and promote Harpers Globe, Level 26 etc. So ya, call it a favor if you want, but its time. We are not asking for a lot. 10 min of work tops. Is that too much to ask for?

    We never asked for a lot of the changes that have been made. Those were Miles inspiration. What is causing the problem with LGPedia is not the media wiki software it runs on but programming built around it to make it look like its an Eqal property. All we are asking is that programming be changed to at least make Eqal look competent. Is that not in everyone's best interest?

  9. no. it's not. that's what you refuse to accept.

  10. So you are saying Eqal would rather look incompetent than spend 10 min fixing a simple problem. How is that in Eqals best interest?

  11. (special anonymous tipster)

    ....why havent you people got to tweeting?

  12. Because it is clear that Eqal already knows we want it fixed. If they have the computer skills to do it then it will be done. Maybe they took the day off and it will be fixed when they get back to work on Tuesday.

  13. Hey, anons, if you guys hate so this blog so much, why do you keep coming back?

    And thanks, anonymous tipster. It's about time we got some constructive criticism around here. :)

  14. (special anonymous tipster)

    Sure -EQAL- knows you want it fixed, but they clearly aren't putting it as a priority. So take to twitter. The best way to get EQAL to listen is to hit them where it hurts: potential customers.

    The general public doesn't/will never visit LG15Today. In other words, potential customers of EQAL will only hear about EQAL being awesome, because EQAL is the only one saying anything.

    If you guys would start tweeting and blogging/writing about EQAL's piss poor customer service, then potential customers will potentially back out of working with them.

    And trust me, if that happens, EQAL -will- start to make you guys a priority. They can't handle bad press at ALL, so they'll be FORCED to address the problem.

    It's beyond me why you all havent gotten this yet.

  15. Oh we got that already.

    Just give them a few days and they will have it fixed. If not, then I am pretty sure they will hear about it. But, from what we have seen today there are still broken elements of the core umbrella platform that need fixed.

    I assume you don't need us to point them out to you, right Miles?

  16. NO, I learned awhile ago that tweeting my complaints about EQAL was a good thing.. Hell after I started tweeting (within a few days) I started getting PM's from them saying sorry to me! They never did fix my main complaint but at least they changed some stuff to atleast alleviate the major problem!

  17. "you're truly awful people."

    that's a fairly powerful short sentence. i shall remember it, after i rape and pillage LA because of LGPedia issues.

  18. EQAL has done a lot of hiring this month (March). Perhaps they could hire someone who is able to fix LGPedia. Sometime between now and my death would be nice.


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