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Thursday, March 11, 2010

BreeFM's Last Dance

All good things must come to an end. BreeFM, the station of the Breeniverse is going out with a bang (or atleast a slight tapping) at BreeFM’s Last Dance, Saturday March 20th in #BreeFM. So come on by and DJ, play, dance, chat, drink and say goodbye to the station of the Breeniverse.

We had a good run here at BreeFM and through the years we were fortunate enough to have amazing community members come to the helm to DJ or chat, and share many a puzzle-solving, links, jokes and even a bit of life as well as having to tolerate its lovable dictator, MicFranXon (Oh hai! *waves*).

Times have changed in our community. Our beloved web series is no more and now fans run the show (is yours). Jonas is probably skin and bones strung to a ceiling somewhere (although he was let down to comment on Harper’s Globe). Two watchers had (an adorable) baby. The Creators have a software company. Madison died and came back like it never happened. Even Tibetan Monks have been rick-rolled. By now there isn’t anything ‘she’ hasn’t said. Many of us have gone on to college / found new careers / got married / or have other things to do with our time.

The fabric of the community has changed and with so many other things to do, an internet radio station for the community of a web series that no longer exists, no longer fits into that fabric despite our constant attempts to weave a Snuggie into it in the darkest hours of the night (we would’ve had it too if it wasn’t for that mid 40’s white guy who keeps ‘raising the roof’ in the commercials). Sorry to say BreeFM has become a pre-SlapChop tuna.

On Saturday March 20th we would like DJs and chatters past and present to come on by the ole’ station for one last hoorah. Kind of like our IRC Proms, although spiking the punch is mandatory now. DJs interested in doing a slot please contact me at: [email protected]

BreeFM’s Last Dance is Saturday March 20, 2010 Starting at 2pm Pacific in #BreeFM IRC chat Also, there are no rules that day! (well accept about the punch)



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