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Saturday, March 20, 2010

BreeFM's Last Dance

BreeFM's Last Dance starts today at 11:30am pacific! Over the years we had a great time as the station of the breeniverse and today marks our last day so we're doing it right by giving your community station one hell of a send-off! SO come on by #BreeFM IRC chat for the festivities and tune in!

There are no rules in chat but please spike the punch!!

BreeFM's Last Dance DJ Lineup (all times pacific):

11:30am Opening Ceremonies
12pm DJ_P.Monkey
1pm DJ Grace
2pm DJ Paula
3pm DJ Maddy
4pm DJ GlennFM
5pm DJ Perky
7pm (TBD)
8pm DJ MicFranXon
9pm DJ ApotheosisDJ
10pm DJ Kira
11pm any takers / closing ceremonies

So come on by and play, dance, chat, drink and say goodbye to the station of the Breeniverse.


  1. Aww

    This makes me feel really sad.

    Breefm was an amazing radio station and introduced me to a lot of new musicians.
    I will definitely miss the station and will make an appearance today.

    So long Breefm. It was a great run.

  2. Yea, there have been some awesome shows.

    Thanks to all the DJs!


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