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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Don't Panic

The site is currently undergoing an update. During the update the comments will either be unavailable or not visible. The update should last only a couple of hours. Don't freak out, nothing has been deleted, the site is not moving to a propriety piece of buggy software, nor is this a grand conspiracy to quietly remove negative comments. Blogger just needs a couple hours to get everything pointing in the right direction.

During this brief interruption, please feel free to visit Anchorcove, to satiate your need to comment. Thank you for your understanding.

Update: From the fine folks at Google, "It may take up to a few hours before the comments are synced completely, so it is expected that there will be some latency here. If you notice that your comment are still our of sync after more than 24 hours, please let us know."

Update 2: Well, I'll be honest, I was kinda hoping this thing would be resolved by now; however, there is still no need to panic. Alan Jackson is feverishly putting the final touches on a tribute song. Several D and a few C list celebrities are planning a benefit, well its really more of a party; however, they are hopeful that once the expenses are paid and all the gift bags are given out, there might be some money left over. We appreciate your patience during these trying times, together we can pull through. If you are feeling anxious, trained councilors are standing by to assist you at Anchor Cove.

Update 3: Google is aware of the problem and even as we speak, a crack team of computer scientists at Google Galactic Headquarters is hard at work trying to solve the problem. Okay, so its probably an intern, in India, and he's on a coffee break, maybe its tea. Once again, nothing has been deleted, and the problem will be fixed as soon as possible, hopefully.


  1. Panic!Mayhem!Foolishness!Carryingon! - also thanks for the update :)

  2. Update my ass. This is a conspiracy of epic proportions. The betrayal that has transpired here cannot and will not be forgiven. Mark my words, you will regret th... Oooh, someone just posted a funny video on youtube. Hehehehe, banana.


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