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Friday, March 26, 2010

eGuilders Launches New Studio

Today, eGuiders, the website that helps viewers find the best that online video has to offer, announced that it was opening its own studio to create live original programming. The studio will launch with an initial slate of three programs, which utilize eGuiders roster of new media experts. The series include eGuiders TV, The B Side, and The Untitled Series.

The first program scheduled to air, eGuiders TV is a weekly series that covers the latest trending videos with commentary from some of eGuiders prominent members which include, among others, Tim Street, Gennifer Snowfield, and Hayden Black. The B Side hosted by Michael Whitmore, head of collectible 45's for Amoeba Records, is a weekly music show dedicated to rare and lost recordings from all genres of music. Lastly, The Untitled Series is a variety show featuring musical performances, short videos, and interviews that is scheduled to air sporadically at unspecified times.

Mark Ostrick founded eGuiders in February, 2009 as a way to cut through the clutter of new media and help viewers find the best in online video. The site functions much like the recommended section of the local video store, accept the recommendations come from some of the leading experts in new media and online video. The new venture, eGuiders Studio is an extension of that goal. Ostrick states, “By creating TV quality live programming that focuses on the convergence of media, technology and the arts, eGuiders is committed to deepening the connection with our community of video enthusiasts.”

The Studio has teamed with several technology companies in order to produce its live video. BitGravity is the primary live streaming partner providing high quality HD streaming; however, Livestream will also feature eGuiders content on its site as-well-as provide a Livepack to stream live from alternative locations and events. Livepack is a portable system that allows a producer to have a ‘satellite truck in a backpack’. Telestream is providing the webcasting software for the in-studio production.

Live streaming video is a growing area within the web TV space; however, it has not been without its hurdles. Recently, theStream announced that it was shutting down indefinitely while it explored funding options to offset production costs. Nevertheless, it still maintains a loyal audience that patiently awaits its return. Interactivity has always been on of the hallmarks of web TV, streaming video only strengthens that connection.


  1. THIS is a good article can't say that I am all that interested in the shows but it was still interesting.

  2. Thanks so much for featuring our launch on your blog. Much appreciated.


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