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Monday, March 8, 2010

Four Super Awesome Things That Have Already Resulted From This Year’s Streamys

This year, despite disagreements and complaints about the way the IAWTV has handled entry into the group, nominations, and the FYC campaign debacle, I’ve seen a predominantly constructive attitude prevail in this community.



  1. We have yet to hear from the Academy board of directors regarding transparency and a multitude of other issues that not only affect the Academy but the entire web series community in general. When are they going to enter into constructive and meaningful discussion on a World Wide basis? All they have to do is visit Anchor Cove to find a multitude of issues they have simply failed to address.

  2. Modelmotion: as someone in the IAWTV and a member of this community, as well as being present at the first informal IAWTV chat, which was open to the public via live streaming (I was chat moderating), of which you (modelmotion) were in attendance, I would hope by now you can see that the IAWTV is indeed making steps to improve on these things and more. I personally have made note of all these issues numerous times as well as have heard colleagues voicing similar opinions. Many people are asking for transparency and the Board of Directors wants to do it as soon as it is feasible.

    I just find it hard when you, as a public community representative, give the impression the IAWTV is doing nothing and make it sound as if the public is being ignored when it is just not the case. The problem is a lack of resources, which as people step forward and are willing to donate their time and energy (which is proving to be the case) and mobilize, there will be better opportunity to address all issues.

    What needs to be focused on is creating a strong infrastructure, without which NO issues can be addressed. All the rest of the answers and solutions can (and will) come after that.

  3. In edition: I'd like to hear more suggestions on how you'd like continued transparency to occur. Would someone officially designated to be present in the Anchor Cove community to hear suggestions and grievances be helpful (I know several IAWTV members besides myself are present there)? Instead of hearing how much you are not being listened to, I want to put forward a clear plan on how we can alleviate that situation.


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