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Monday, March 8, 2010

GoDaddy - the new 436?

Making an interesting note for the day, GoDaddy seems to have eaten lg15.com and all of its content, leaving it in the 436. The technical reasoning here is someone, somewhere, messed up the DNS routing for the domain lg15.com, turning it over to a GoDaddy parking page. Some users report that the site is still working, although this is due to a DNS cache store with their ISPs.

So, GoDaddy, when will you give us back lg15?


  1. nom nom nom... It's gone for me.

  2. If anyone belongs to the order, Bob Parsons does.

  3. If anyone belongs to the order, Bob Parsons does!

  4. GoDaddy.com is a front for 436. First they get you to register all your domain names with them. Then they make it all not exist. No more internet. Mwahahahaha!!!!

  5. So...has EQAL even, y'know...acknowledged that the site is down?

  6. Anon they have yet to say anything about it because y'know technology companies are really good at communication.


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